It sneaks up on us every year. In January we are packing up all the Christmas decor and tinsel and promise ourselves to be more organized next year for the holidays. And then bam it is September and we haul out the pumpkins, take inventory of cloth napkins and find reasons to stop by Homegoods after work or in between carpools.

Here are a few ways to save money on Christmas decor and keep the holiday season top of mind the rest of the year!

But the prep work in the first half of the new year means I won’t be blindsided by the expenses and panic purchases.

How many of you think there is no such thing as too many twinkly lights at Christmas?

Over the past few years, I have found a few ways to save money on Christmas decor and still enjoy the season.

Yes, this is captain obvious to many of us, but how often do we put off this stuff and then all of a sudden we see the Target holiday commercial and Hallmark has Christmas on 24/7 the first weekend in November?


  1. CLEARANCE On the surface this is Captain Obvious. Do you know where retailers keep the clearance? The clearance section is not always the same place as the everyday sales. Hobby Lobby has a 90% section. Know the layout!
  2. ONLINE CLEARANCE TAB Pottery Barn has a clearance tab for Christmas decor. I shop it year-round for ornaments, pillowcases, and appetizer plates (cheaper than salad or dinner plates).
  3. SPACE Designate a closet, bin, or shelf for holiday decor. I found these ornaments 90% off at Hobby Lobby in March and I cannot remember where I stored them.

4. GARLAND Cut your fresh or faux garland in half. Two amazing things happen when you take the wire cutters and split a six-foot garland strand.

The garland is lighter so it is easier to manipulate around staircases, sofa tables and mantels.


How many of you have candles that are past the new peppermint scent, but there is enough of a wick and wax? Gather them up and place them in one lantern. It makes a statement when you have one large lantern versus two mason jar-size candles on your kitchen table.

6. ORNAMENTS Buy cheap ornaments for lanterns or a big bowl.

WHITE KITCHENWARE When I started blogging and created my first tablescape I purchased pumpkin orange plates. I used them once and then stored in the side table for a year.

Now, I focus on white dishes and add seasonal items like an ornament or pumpkins to celebrate the holiday or season. White trays and bowls are easy to fill with red ornaments or tied up with ribbon on a table.


I used these solar lights for my patio lanterns.


Instead of buying hand towels with Santa or candy canes I stick to red, white, or green hand towels. I then reuse them for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, and 4th of July.

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