I miss garage sales. The thrill of the hunt and the FIND on your last stop. The stash of cash in my wallet for quick negotiations and transactions. Garage sales are for grownups like Christmas Eve is for children.

It is all about the anticipation of the finds. Do you have a favorite garage sale find? I have two favorites, one is this wreath and the other is milk can I purchased for $3.00.

How to Style a Milk Can for Fall

My milk can had a rough start when I brought it home. I don’t remember what color it was when I bought it, but it has had a few rounds of paint.

The base layer was black and I had it in the backyard.


In the first year I had my Silhouette I added vinyl to just about anything standing still. If you want to see a fun throwback photo of me and my boys at Mom Prom, scroll to the end of the post. But my milkcan was the first to be adorned with vinyl numbers.

And after I went through my vinyl phase I went back to the basics and painted the milk can my favorite creamy white. And with fall around the corner, I turned my eye to pumpkins and grapevines.

I started with grapevine I found here.  

I keep the grapevine on year-round because it is a great decor staple.

Grapevine adds texture to just about anything sitting still.

One year I added tree branches and they looked great for a few days. I got the idea when I walked outside after an early snow and I had branches on my back patio.


And, then a few days later, I had dead leaves to sweep inside the house.


And so I went with a seasonal staple for my fall milk can and loved it.


The pumpkin adds a pop of color to the milk can and how often do you see a pumpkin 3 feet off the ground? It was fun way to style a milk can for fall.


And, the best part is that the fall styled milk can works from September through Thanksgiving. My garage sale milk can has a new home and it is stays warm and cozy and loved all year long. But, I think the milk can loves fall most of all!


You can check out the garage sale wreath here. It was also one of my first blog posts so I had no pre-makeover photos.

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  1. LOL Laura! You are so right. Garage sales are like Christmas eve to grown-ups! I’ve put branches in my milk can but stuck a Tupperware bowl down into the milk can first and filled it with water. The branches lasted a really long time. Try it because those branches you chose a while back are magnificent in there! Love the pumpkin too though. And you have some handsome young men there. 😉 Pinned.

    1. Thank you Cindy! That is a great suggestion thanks!

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