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how to shop for made in the USA decor

I don’t know why I am a little obsessed with made in the USA decor and home stuff. And  I am not sure when I started to shop for made in USA products. But behind my desk and in front of my tablet, I shop with the keywords, “Made in the USA”on most searches.


I don’t know the why? It just feels good to support local or brands across the country that made a commitment to make stuff here in the states.

My hope is that you will remember the Colorado girl (okay, closer to the middle-aged mom) who talked about Made in the USA products.

My second hope is maybe one of my kids will read my blog and leave a comment.

Can you help me share the message? Will you share your favorite brands in the comments?


For a few years, I have sought out products made in the USA. It’s my thing and I want to encourage others to think about it too. And, online searches make it super easy.

Even this store, stuffed with products, sells products with the familiar Made in USA logo.

One of the ways I search for USA products is on Etsy.

Etsy is the Amazon of local brands and craftsmen and women. It is filled with creative minds and cool things you never knew you needed.

Until you found it on Etsy.

I found this sturdy blanket ladder on Etsy. With my choice of stain, it transitioned into our home seamlessly. And with a year filled with Netflix and loungewear, this ladder definitely kept busy.




I ordered these Made in the USA pillows on Amazon. A few years ago Santa brought us these fancy pillows and overtime I could see what looked like the foam padding under a twenty-year-old carpet.

You cannot unsee that pillow stuffing.



Did I pay a little more for the pillows or the pillow covers? Maybe.

Etsy has pillows and pillow covers too like this cute Spring pillow.




Did you know there is a USA cookie-cutter company? I didn’t either until I made this hedgehog cookie recipe and I found these adorable cookie cutters.




Do I feel good that somewhere in a rural town (with cheaper rent & lower cost of living) there is a US-based factory making down pillows or paintbrushes?


Go check your stash of paintbrushes.


If your paintbrush says either Purdy or Wooster you have a Made in the USA paintbrush. And, yes they cost $1.69 more than the paintbrushes that arrive via a shipping crate.

The more USA-built brands we buy the more manufacturers will take notice.

Sidenote: This is not mean to be a soapbox lecture. My Grammarly is telling me I am shouting! I just want to support small business operations based here. 

Last year, Santa brought me and the kids cast iron skillets from this company. This particular one is from Williams-Sonoma. Santa likes Williams-Sonoma for their curbside pickup.


We have had so much fun with our skillets making cookie desserts, pizzas and this new favorite side dish.

I like to think the spirit of the Made in the USA carried us through our extended staycations.


My husband surprised me with this gift for my birthday. If you know Elliott from my Instagram.. you will appreciate this gift.

I love, love, love this print. My husband even had it framed before he surprised me with it. It is the first thing we see when anyone enters from the garage entry.It is on that back wall. I think Elliott needs some lights over his framed print.

Did you know you can buy custom cabinet fronts from Etsy? My husband has ordered multiple sets of unfinished cabinet fronts from this company. He went ahead and set up his own Etsy shop. It was easier than me finding and sharing my login and password.

We ordered cabinet fronts for the center built-ins for this space from Etsy. Stay tuned for the before and afters.

Please share your favorite brands that are made in the USA and I will include them (and you) in a future blog post!

Need to know how to clean down pillows? I got you covered here.



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  1. Hello Laura, thanks for your sweet visit. American made products are wonderful. We always get tired of everything made in China. I love Kitchenaid , Lodge skillets, Beekman Bros. and a big fan of a Mackenzie Childs, which mostly is made in Aurora, New York.

  2. Thanks for this. I’m always on the lookout for made in USA products.

  3. Tricia Becker says:

    Laura-thanks to you, I am so much more congnizant of buying Made in the USA!. I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday and bought the Made in the USA jewelry supplies over those made in China, even though they were a little more expensive. I need to remember to go to Etsy first. I know you guys find some really great, well-made products on Etsy!

  4. How I enjoyed reading Made In America I recently purchased an item on Etsy. I did not check to see where the item was coming from. It has taken some time to arrive. I have received a notice recently that it has shipped. It is coming from Vietnam thus the reason it is taking time to arrive. I am not putting Etsy, the person I purchased the item from. Just a nice reminder to check shipping origin before buying.

  5. Good Read! This article is very informational and has very good suggestions if you are looking to buy home decor products from Home Decor Stores Online in the USA.

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