One trip to Target yielded a cart full of clearance items. Somewhere between the clearance end cap in kitchenwares and the clearance seasonal section I decided I had to have one greyish curtain panel for less than a black coffee at 7-11. It was practically free. It was lined and everything. And, it was a perfect opportunity to learn how to reupholster a bench.

We have not one, but two matching benches that have the distinction of the early faux leather trend. We bought them at a popular Denver retailer that showcases lions and tigers in his commercials.

That should have been a clue. But, as a self-employed family and healthcare costs, we were skittish on big furniture price tags. We told ourselves the benches were a temporary fix. Well, 12 years later we have two identical faux leather benches.

Over time one of the lucky benches landed at the foot of our bed. And, it became a springboard for our Bernese Mountain dog, Chloe to launch herself into bed after everyone was accounted for in the evening. I decided this was the perfect piece of furniture to reupholster.

The last piece I upholstered with this side table I found at HomeGoods. It looks amazing and added a little bit of whimsy to my house.

How to Reupholster a Bench with a Curtain

Tip: Do as I say not as I did, but I will do as I say on the next bench

  1. Remove the legs on the bench or ottoman. I did not do this step and stapled the fabric along with the wood frame.

I decided the only one to see the bench from that angle was Chloe (our Bernese Mountain Dog).

2. Use a handheld staple gun like this one for around $12 or a power staple gun.


3. Measure fabric (or curtain panel) and allow enough room on all four sides to fold and tuck.

I started with the length of the bench. Next, staple from the center first and work your way to the corners leaving a few inches until you staple the fabric on the opposite ends.


Tip: Just when you think you can’t pull the fabric any tighter, give it another pinch. It will prevent or minimize wrinkled fabric.

4. I finished with the corners and wrapped them like a gift box.


Tip: Keep your staples with your handheld or electric staple gun. I almost lost my mind looking for the staplers. #organzing goals


Honestly, I don’t know how long my upholstered bench will hold up to a 98-pound dog who loves to vault onto the bed like a young Mary Lou Retton, but I love the fabric over the faux leather.

And, with all the dark tones on this wall, the fabric and the additional pillows softened up the look.


What do you think for a curtain panel on clearance from Target?

How to reupholster a bench.

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