Somewhere in 2021, I decided I needed every door in my house needed a wreath. Now, I have the makings of hoarder tendencies of Homegoods origins. And judging from my unfinished basement room I decided two (identical) wreaths are better than one. The first step is to admit you have a problem. And the next step is to find a way to repurpose wreaths for year-round use. Oh and save a little money in the process.

How to repurpose wreaths and save money


Wreaths are the gateway to the home. Most of us start with a wreath for the front door. It’s a right of passage for renters and home buyers. It’s like a dog marking its territory.

So here is how to save money by choosing wisely and learning a repurposed wreath saves space.


  1. We all have a wreath style. That’s why some wreaths stay in storage whIle other wreaths move to the front door.

With two Bernese Mountain dogs, I realized felt or fabric wreaths are magnets for dog hair.

Sadly I did not discover this until I purchased two felt leaf wreaths on the last chance clearance tab at Crate & Barrel years ago.

2 Stick to 1-2 basic-style wreaths (grapevine, magnolia, boxwood). If you take a look at your wreaths you likely have a style.

I am not a grapevine wreath girl but more of a magnolia and boxwood girl. But I made the mistake of buying two of these spring floral wreaths. They are pretty, but these wreaths are committed to spring.

How to Repurpose Wreaths

When you buy wreaths with lots of accessories it is harder to take the time to remove them for another holiday. I shared this clearance wreath here.

Christmas clearance after the holidays

3. A basic, no-frills wreath, is what you want to work toward in your collection.


Wreaths are a decor staple at my house, but what makes them a staple is if I stick to the basics.

Now that you have a better idea of what you like this is where you can use the two identical boxwood wreaths you found at Marshall’s.

Repurpose a wreath for year-round use

  • Add seasonal signs on sale at Hobby Lobby (every other week) or in Target’s dollar-ish section.
  • Shop the clearance bins for holiday & seasonal tidbits for wreaths.
  • Bells are my favorite wreath staple. I sneak bells into basic wreaths.
  • The jingle signals it’s special.
How to repurpose wreaths through the year


Wreaths are not just for doors. Wreaths make great centerpieces for dining room tables, hutches and picnic tables. When I found myself with two identical wreaths I used on the front door and one for the dining room table.

January decor ideas

When I found myself with a ton of pumpkins and wreaths I decided to use a fall wreath for my dining room hutch. I love it and no one notices it is a wreath.

How to repurpose wreaths

If this wreath looks familiar it was on our Dutch door and it was in our living room last fall.

Repurposed wreaths that have a career change to the table have an added bonus.

Repurposed wreaths are easy to remove when it is dinner time or game night.

Wreaths are a great decor staple. Everyone has a front door no matter where they live and most of us have a coffee table or kitchen table that would love a repurposed wreath (with a candle in the center).

Please pin this image if you love Pinterest as much as I do for inspiration. Here are a few resources for wreath finds. Of course, my favorite place is still Homegoods … in moderation.


I found this 17″ boxwood wreath.

Here is a fern wreath.

Love grapevine wreaths? Check out this 2-pack.

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