With cooler temps, we are spending more time indoors and that includes our dogs, Chloe and Elliott. Recently, I saw nails on a chalkboard type of scratches our recently refinished hardwood floors. Bernese Mountain dogs are not known for their grace.  But look at this face. If my husband had scuffed the stained wood floors it would have been grounds for an extended separation.

I ordered this rug to slow down his momentum, but Elliott’s rugby-like base takes anything in his path with him.


Elliott requires a wide turning radius and he literally has a blind spot in one eye.




1. The first line of defense for protecting hardwood floors is the entry and exit doors. Think about it this is where dogs are the most excited either to get outside for tinkle time or a w-a-l-k.

Every entry in my house has a dog-friendly rug. Not too fancy but gets the job done. And, if I can shove them into my washing machine even better.


2. Until we rescued Elliott I never thought much about a rug pad for the entry rugs.

But with his solid base, our wood floors need the added cushion to absorb his impact.

I found this Made in the USA brand rug pad.

If you are a follower of Everyday Edits you know I love to support Made in USA brands and companies.

When we installed our Dutch door we opted for a more industrial rug since the dogs are in and out this kitchen door dozens of times during the day.

I found this one with rubber backing at Target for under $20.00

3. Next up is the puppy gate. I find that a gate is a great way to control access and contain some of the enthusiasm.

I found this one at Homegoods when Elliott was a puppy. Because of our home’s layout (#brownstoneinthesuburbs), I ran down a bought a second one for the basement.

Finally, I got this idea from my contractor when we remodeled the family room fireplace. I was impressed at how well the cling wrap-like plastic adhered to the stairs.

No, I did not roll it down the stairs, but I strategically added it to the corner of my new sisal rug in the dining room. I ordered it here and love it so much!

We all have one of those rugs that gets all the foot traffic. It’s not the most attractive, but it works great with the paw prints paddling through the dining room on their way to the kitchen.

It’s kinda subtle.

And finally, I keep a stash of dog-friendly cleaning products in the entry closet to keep floors clean and paw print-free. This was one of my favorite organizing ideas.


Here are my favorite Made in USA Cleaning Products. 

This wood floor cleaning system.  

This is one of my favorite wood floor cleaners (and you dilute it)

Please pin for others to find! Thank you!


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