If there was a paint project that changed my DIY life it was when I  learned how to paint glass. Until that afternoon, it never occurred to me that I was allowed to paint glass. 


This discovery was newsworthy because I have painted a lot of things, that in hindsight, should not have been painted. Like my roots.

My family argues that I tend to be dramatic, but this painted glass discovery was nothing short of life-changing for a decor blogger enthusiast.


It was a Saturday afternoon and my sister and I had spent most of the day painting a cherry-stained hutch. It was our first time using chalk paint and we were both overwhelmed.

So to move the project along I just took the roller over the glass shelves. 

I love the finished look. Everything pops from the hutch and cabinets. Even my camera celebrated the fun and benefits of painted glass.

How to Paint Glass

Step 1. Gather up a few glass accessories. Maybe not the most expensive accessories, but maybe something like this glass milk jug from Sprouts. Just in case the project goes sideways, it is always a good idea to start with a cheap glass jar.

Here is a fun read about the history of spray paint! 


Step 2. Decide on your paint method. Since this discovery, I use either  Primer + Paint combination if I am short on time or the surface is smooth, like butter. In most cases spray paint is an easier path to a finished project. 

However, spray paint is not without its issues. The nozzle can be prone to runaway drips and bumps if it is rushed. But, it works well with little nooks and crannies. Spray paint worked great when I finished this vinyl project.


When I painted the glass shelves in my hutch I used a roller and an angled brush for the corners. With larger pieces, I prefer paint from a can. 

Step 3. Repeat Step 2 after sufficient dry time. 

Step 4. There is no Step 4. You are done! Woohoo! Painting glass meant a lot of dated glass accessories got a second, repurposed life. And, if you have been a reader for a while you know I love a good upcycle project.

The Wonder of Glass Accessories 

Learning how to paint glass opened up a world for my stashed milk glasses. Think about all the glass in your house hiding in plain sight. 


Like finger painting, painting glass accessories is fun and virtually foolproof! Every stroke of the brush or spray-painted swoosh creates a fresh coat of paint across a shiny glass surface. I think it might just be the grown-up version of finger painting. 

Here is another fun, slightly addictive project for your walls!

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  1. Amazing! was it difficult to spray the paint evenly? Anyway, spray things seem like a fun activity!

  2. Great tips!! I have painted milk bottles by pouring paint inside of them and swirling it around , making them look as if milk is still inside of them….I hope you are having a good week!!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

  3. Great tutorial, Laura… and love the photos! Thanks for joining us at Tuesday Turn About. I’ll be featuring you post this week! Pinned!

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