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My dad repurposed pickle jars before there were blogs and Youtube. His parents and grandparents lived during/through the Depression. My dad will appreciate how to paint glass jars. After all, I am a third-generation repurpose enthusiast. Dad here is how to paint glass jars so you can take those pickle jars up a notch.

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I know what you might be thinking: everyone knows how to paint glass jars.

That’s what this son told me.

I get it; this is not a faux paint finish back in the late 1990s. It is paint and a glass jar. I can hear my dad asking me, “Laura, you mean people actually NEED to read a story on how to paint glass jars?”

How to Paint Glass Jars

Supplies Needed:

  • glass jars (clean + dry)
  • spray paint

This is pretty simple. I always use this one with a matte finish and a built-in primer. And, this spray paint finish is a new favorite.It sells out quickly at Home Depot. Target carries it too, but limited selection and a few dollars more.


I love to find fun glass jars for future crafts. Here are a few unlikely sources for fun bottles

  • glass milk jars (Sprouts carries the yummiest chocolate milk in a glass bottle
  • seasonal cider jars are a favorite
  • candle jars
  • Goodwill and yard sales

When I buy candles I always go for the shape of the candle jar over the scent. I loved this candle’s shape, but unfortunately, the candle did not smell calm.


I bought several because of the cute glass jars. If you zoom in it is a made-in-the-USA candle.

After removing the labels and the waxy film and wick using this technique I was ready to paint the glass jars.

Tip: When I whip out my spray paint I like to set up an assembly line of whatever I plan to paint. In this case, I had a 1/2 dozen glass jars ready to paint.


n the past, I spray-painted the exterior of the jar in case I wanted to serve snacks or nibbles.

how to paint glass jars

But on a crafter’s whim, I decided to go crazy and spray the inside of the glass jar.

You guys! It took a simple repurposed jar up a level. Spraying the inside of the jar was night and day from the previous jars I sprayed on the exterior.

The finished glass jar looks professional-grade smooth. The spray paint process is more forgiving when the drips or misses are on the inside of the jar too.

I tried to capture a side-by-side, but it was hard to show the exterior side version. But the interior spray technique gave the jar this smooth finish.

The jar in the background was painted on the outside where you can see it has more of a flat finish.

The only issue is if you plan to use your repurposed painted glass jars for food. I don’t like the idea of my M&M’s next to spray paint.

Tip: If you plan to serve snacks or candy in your freshly painted glass jars add a cupcake liner or coffee filter. They work great and make for easy cleanup!

I love the look! Am I the last to know this technique?

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  1. Tricia Becker says:

    Good tip to use cupcake holders or coffee filters inside the jar! I want to try the charcoal spray paint too, and pick up a can of the mirror paint!

    1. The mirror paint is fun! It would be pretty around Christmas too! It’s fancy!

  2. I haven’t tried spray painting the inside!! Must do this!

    1. I thought I was the only one! thank you Heather! laura

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