My husband brought home a plastic tablecloth for a family backyard BBQ. You know, the plastic sheet every team parent used for high school banquets to catch the queso with 18 rugby players?

In my head, I was screaming you cannot put a plastic tablecloth on a kitchen or dining room table. It was like we were speaking two different languages with me using broad hand gestures to make my point.

So I found a way to make an eco-friendly placemat suitable for any table setting. Please keep reading to find out what happens when you repurpose everyday objects.


If you are a follower of Everyday Edits you may remember this super easy repurpose idea with packing material. 

And here is one of my favorite upcycle ideas from the packing material in a Chewy delivery box. 


Okay so if you have followed me for a minute you know I love to repurpose random things. Like what to do with empty toilet paper rolls.

I inherited the recycle gene from my parents who inherited it from their parents during the Depression.


Last year was the year of online orders and my guilty conscience got the best of me every time I tossed boxes and packing material into the recycle bin. Because the reality is very little of what we add to the recycle bins actually gets … well recycled.

Here is an article from National Geographic that dives into the task of recycling.

So as we bring back brunches and football I scored a Hail Mary when I figured out how to make a placemat that can be tossed into the garden or trash guilt-free.

A placemat is sturdy enough to catch the melted butter and cool enough to impress my adulting kids.

Did I mention these placemats are “free?”  Or, that these placemats are made from cardboard and will decompose in the garden.

 As an added bonus, the kids, nephews or grandkids could make them for the Thanksgiving table… in minutes. And keep them busy for just as many minutes.


And the supplies needed are likely to arrive on your front porch in a matter of days.




Yes, that’s a great step but there was so much packing material and cardboard in 2020.

Packing material varies which adds to the challenge and excitement.  But most of it is biodegradable and easy to cut with scissors.

So now when I get a delivery  I pay attention to the textures of the packing material. It is like a free gift with a purchase kind of excitement.

Oh and that little thing that happens when you repurpose? There is nothing more fun than hearing your adulting children poking fun at mom’s recycled projects.

As long as I am trending amongst my kids I will continue to find ways to repurpose the everyday objects that make a home.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this great idea with us at Farmhouse Friday! Love it and will be featuring you this week. Hope you link up again soon. Pinned

  2. Great repurposing idea! I looked back at your toilet paper roll repurposing blog and I have to say as I read it, you used the term “fiddle fart around” and I have not heard that for so many years!!! I was literally laughing out loud! Our Mom used to say that on Saturday mornings when we were supposed to be cleaning, but watching cartoons instead….”quit fiddle-farting around and do your chores!” Brought back so many childhood memories….and I’ll be 75 this December, so quite a while ago. Lol Going to enjoy following you!

    1. Grabbed that expression from my sister! It just cracks me up to use it!

  3. Wow!! You have the most creative brain, Laura!! I never would EVER have thought about using that texture board….but now that you say that, it actually is super neat. I love FREE anything! Pinned!

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