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How to Make a Centerpiece with Sliced Branches Branches.

If you want to know how to make a centerpiece with branches make friends with an arborist. That is how I learned how to make a centerpiece with branches. While parallel parking in the city I  asked an arborist, who was trimming Denver’s city trees, to help me parallel park my car.

I didn’t have him park my car, I just needed hand signals so I didn’t take out the Tesla behind me.  Once parked, I asked him about the stack of branches next to the curb.

Before I could finish my offer to take a few bundles of branches, his crew loaded them into the back of my car.

He (the arborist) asked what I planned to do with the branches. I told him I did not have a clue, but, I would figure it out. 

Which is my motto in life.

With a car full of branches  I was on a mission to get home and spend a few minutes hours on Pinterest.

I needed a plan to explain to my family why there were bundles of branches leaning on the side of the house.

My craft plans tend to go sideways quickly because I lack the patience and discipline to follow directions. However, what I lack in lack in talent I make up for in personality. 

How to Make a Centerpiece with Cut Branches

I tend to take a few shortcuts. Get it? I cut the branches with a table saw and just eyeballed the width of each cut. 


  1. I needed a base  to layer the branches.
  2. With a quick look  in the garage, I found a cardboard box.
  3. I made a cardboard form for my centerpiece’s base.
  4. From there, I used a glue gun to glue the freshly sliced branches to the cardboard form. 

how-to-make-a centerpiece-with-branches-everyday-edits

My vision came together for my centerpiece. I love upcycle projects and this was the perfect use of reusing everyday objects for a centerpiece with branches.

how-to-make-a centerpiece-with-branches-everyday-edits

And, from there it was just adding a boxwood wreath to add a pop of greenery. 

how-to-make-a centerpiece-with-branches-everyday-editsI love to use small boxwood wreaths to layer and stack candles during the holidays.

This centerpiece made with branches was coming together.

how-to-make-a centerpiece-with-branches-everyday-edits

I added my favorite mini candle from Anthropologie to pull the centerpiece together.

This upcycled centerpiece, made from Denver’s tree branches is ready for this table.

The lesson with this centerpiece is to always say hi to your neighborhood tree trimmer.

how-to-make-a centerpiece-with-branches-everyday-edits

If you have no interest in tracking the tree trimmer trucks you can shop your yard for dead branches. Otherwise, the time to find them is spring, fall, and after a heavy, wet snow! Here is a fun and easy craft idea for winter branches!  

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  1. I love this project…it turned out great! And it was very creative! I would still be staring at the pile wondering what to do with it. Sooooo, how did you use the leaves and bugs??!! 😉

    1. Ha! Those bugs relocated to the suburbs when they caught a ride in my car! Thanks Benita! laura

    1. Heather! that is hilarious. My friend used to use that line and so it caught on at our house with two boys. That is so funny! laura

  2. You are too funny Laura! This is just the type of thing I’d gather and then try to figure out how to use. You did a great job and I love the wreath!

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