how to make a Valentine cloche in minutes


Today I want to share my Valentine Cloche. Cloches are a fun year-round decor staple.

Here’s the deal I own very few vintage items and I can barely sew a button let alone have a collection of them.

Three years ago I did not know a glass jar with a base was called a cloche. I know right. It is amazing I was accepted into this amazing group of women who inspire me daily.

So I am ahead of the game this year with my Valentine cloche.

My first attempt at my Valentine cloche included shiny heart garland. It was more 4th of July meets Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Cloche idea

A little too much sparkle and glitz for winter.

Over the weekend I decided it was too much and went back to the original Pinterest image.

That’s what I love about Pinterest Challenges they often take me out of my comfort or creative zone.

So I circled back to the original image. And this is what I did:


how to make a Valentine cloche
  • I used paper hearts and held them together with a wooden toothpick
  • added pom snowballs to hold the Valentine card in place. The snowballs are a subtle reference to winter in February.
  • I found these cute gingham pink hearts at Hobby Lobby and added them to my narrow cloche.

And then I just stuffed the cloche from the top down. There is something magical about a cloche when I stepped back and saw the results.

I would love if you pinned this image to inspire future crafters who didn’t know what a cloche was before this post.

how to make a budget-friendly Valentine cloche

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  1. I love your idea for using a toothpick to attach the Valentine’s Day card to the felt heart. Your cloche is so pretty!

  2. I can’t keep count the amount of times I’ve stepped back, not liked something, started over then loved the new results. Love your new cloche and how it turned out. The toothpick was clever! Thank you for joining us each month.

  3. I love the rustic base on your cloche; super cool. I think there are many people who don’t know what a cloche is:) Your version is so sweet…but that toothpick thing sounds challenging.

  4. What a cute cloche idea for a Valentine’s Day cloche! The toothpicks holding the hearts together is perfect, almost like little arrows through the hearts! The pink gingham hearts are adorable too!

  5. The pink gingham is just darling! The toothpicks holding the hearts together is such a great idea and I love the taller cloche style.

  6. I’m so glad you persevered Laura! Your cloche is so cute with the pink hearts! And I love that rusty base!

  7. Laura, pink is my favorite color, so the lovely pink and white in this cloche captured my eye right away. So pretty!

  8. Laura, I’m sure many people don’t know what what a cloche is. I love the shape of yours. The pink check Valentines are precious. The combination of different heart materials makes your cloche really interesting.

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