A faux fur rug is needed for this side table. If you purchase a rug in the links below I will earn a very small commission. 

This faux fur side table is the one girly piece of furniture in my house! Every time I pass it it makes me smile because it is unexpected in a house filled with couches and dark wood furniture. Faux fur is a fun fabric to work with year-round. It adds a touch of whimsy to space. And I had the vision to create something with this fun, fluffy fur element. After a few unsuccessful faux fur accessories, I settled on this table to make a faux fur side table. 


How to Make a Faux Fur Side Table

It took me a year to create a seven-minute faux fur side table. I blame it on our 90+ pound, Bernese Mountain dog, Chloe.

 I know, I know.. those big brown eyes. How could anyone blame her for anything, right? 

Chloe is a curvy, four-legged girl who sheds when the wind blows. I was reluctant to bring in a fur accessory for fear the side table would either shed or be a magnet for dog hair and dust. 


But, when I found this side table at Homegoods for next to nothing and a flokati rug for $16.00 at Marshall’s, I knew this was an opportunity to go for my vision of a faux fur table. I found this faux rug on Overstock too. And Amazon has an inexpensive rug that would be perfect for faux fur crafts. 


I rationalized the decision with the face we already have a house full of fur, so what is a little more. 

And, a fluffy side table would soften and girly up any space. 

Faux Fur Side Table



  1. Remove the table’s wood top with a drill or screwdriver. 


2. Make a template of the circumference of the table’s top. I added 3″ to the template to staple the rug to the tabletop. 

3. A staple gun was all I needed to attach the rug to the tabletop. I stapled opposite ends of the table and then stapled the remaining edges. 

My goal was to have a large enough remnant to create something else that was faux fabulous.


It took minutes to complete this side table. The only issue I ran into was I needed longer screws to reattach the faux fur top to the metal frame.

The rug’s backing was thicker than I anticipated, but it was an easy fix. 


I love this faux fur side table so much!


It adds a sense of whimsy to both the living and/or dining room. The table is lightweight so it can easily be pulled into any room. 

I found this rug to try a new accessory to glam; like maybe a bench. 

Now I am thinking about what to do with the rest of the faux fur rug.


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  1. Wow! We haven’t seen that tool in a while! How long have you had it? Thanks for using one of our Arrow staple guns for this project. #MadeWithArrow

    1. I love my Arrow staple gun! It’s not very old!Ha! I bought it a few years ago at Home Depot? Do you have an updated one or power, handheld with attached cord? laura

    2. I love my Arrow staple gun! It’s not very old!Ha! I bought it a few years ago at Home Depot? Do you have an updated one or power, handheld with an attached cord? laura

  2. I actually bought a similar stool for a great price at a local store (I honestly think they mislabeled the price!) I love yours, and you’re right, the price was great. Can’t beat $16.00. I have a few Ikea faux fur rugs thrown around my living room and love it to protect the furniture from the dog’s muddy paws or wet face — she’s a terrier and doesn’t shed. Can’t wait to see if you figure out another faux fur project! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  3. I love the transformation and always love seeing Chloe!

  4. Very sweet Laura, I love the faux fur. Definitely fits my glam style. Thanks for sharing. I am happy to feature your faux fur side table at Love Your Creativity. Happy weekend Laura. Hugs

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