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We all know the feeling when you are minutes from hosting a backyard BBQ on the patio and we realize the cushions (and now our shorts) are soggy from the last night’s rain.

What to do with wet patio cushions?

Try this easy tip to eliminate or minimize the soggy-soaked cushions before the rain! This tip minimized the wait time for the exterior fabric to dry (most are now made with water-repellant fabric).


After a rainstorm, our backyard looks like a drip-dry station for patio cushions. The rain and snow have to go somewhere. And, the cushion just soaks it up, kind of like my Oil of Olay facial moisturizer for the Colorado climate.

And, then on some random day, while taking a kitchen trash bag for the 14th time  I came up with an effortless way to keep patio cushion inserts dry.



Sometimes the best ideas are based on the premise; do not overthink the solution to a problem. The solution is simple and most of us have to look no further than under our kitchen sinks. 

How to Keep Patio Cushions Dry

Last summer, with a forecast of more than two days of rain, I worried about how to keep my outdoor patio cushions from getting soaking wet. It wasn’t practical to bring them inside for every afternoon thunderstorm. 

But, who wants to sit on a soggy patio cushion when the weekend comes around? I needed a solution that did not tie me to the weather app every afternoon. 

And, then inspiration struck when I grabbed a handful of plastic kitchen bags.

It turns out plastic trash bags are a great resource to keep the foam cushions dry. 



  • Use kitchen size plastic bags with ties
  • Unzip the pillow fabric cover and remove the foam cushion
  • Stuff the foam cushion into the kitchen plastic bag.
  • Tie the bag shut and place the wrapped foam cushion back into the pillow cover. 

You can watch the video tutorial on my Youtube Channel. 

That’s it! And, it works. The reality is when the rain penetrates the pillow cover the cover dries after an hour of sunshine. Sadly, it’s the foam cushion that traps the water.


Those wet patio cushions lead to fun stuff like mold spores. Not to mention it breaks down the material inside the cushion.

Who wants to sit on a cushion full of icky stuff? 

More importantly, who wants to have a backside that has an imprint of our well.. backside? Do you know what I mean?

If you like this project please search outdoor projects for other ideas.


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Thanks for stopping by! Now go slip those cushion inserts into a plastic bag.  

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  1. This is a great idea! I wonder if it makes them any hotter when they are out in the sun? You know, does it make your legs sweat if you sit on them? I think I’ll give it a try.
    🙂 gwingal

    1. HI Nikki
      We have not noticed the cushions are any hotter with the plastic bag over the insert. It works well and it’s a great way to store them in the winter too. The cushions hold up so much better when they are not soaking in rainwater! Thanks for stopping by! laura

  2. We have a lot of cushions on our outdoor furniture and it’s always an issue!! I’m ready to go cushion-less with our next set!

  3. Carole West says:

    This is a great hack and one I will keep handy because I have a plan to build a neat outdoor lounge at some point. Your dog so very adorable…

    1. Thanks for stoppig by and yes I am pimping the puppy ;0) Elliott! We are so in love!laura

  4. Terrific idea Laura! I don’t have room to bring cushions in and out every day so this is my new favorite idea! Keep the great ideas coming.

  5. Awesome idea! I wish I saw this article right after we bought our sets. Headed to the store now for the trash bags!

  6. Vivienne Simmons says:

    Hi Laura, Great idea but I’m wondering why you advocate removing the foam inserts from the cushions. I’d like to avoid this if possible.

    My patio furniture (sofas) are covered with commercial purpose-made covers, but they don’t stop small animals (racoons and, possibly, others) from occasionally getting in and defecating on the cushions. They’re also a nuisance when I want to sit out by myself as I have to remove, fold and store a big cover from an entire sofa setup when all I want is a sitting spot for one. Your trash bag idea seems to be the perfect solution for me and should allow me to ditch the commercial covers as I believe the plastic rattan frames can tolerate the rain, and the critters don’t seem interested in pooping on them.
    Problem is that it would be quite a chore to remove and replace the foam inserts. I tried with one of the simple rectangular cushions and it was very difficult to get the cover back on. I don’t want to try with the irregular shaped seat cushions as I know I’d fail. It would be so much easier to leave the inserts in the covers for me. It would also be great to be able to leave all of the cushions in the trash bags, on the frames, until needed.
    I’ve discovered that racoons don’t like walking on soft plastic, so I think the trash bags will solve the pooping problem. If not, I’d rather throw away a trash bag than have to clean poop off a cushion.

    I’d really appreciate your opinions.

    By the way, for anyone who has the pooping problem, they may also have racoons who have turned their window wells into a nightly communal latrine. It’s disgusting and the smell is aaaaawwwwful! After implementing many failed ‘solutions’, my husband covered our window wells with chicken wire last year and we haven’t had a smelly window well since then. Seems they don’t like walking on chicken wire.

  7. Dale McNally says:

    Gosh – I’d rather just throw the cushions inside the garage – than remove the covers and put them back on and all. I have a bad back and bad arthritis in my hands. That’s a lot to do every other day or so, when it rains in the afternoon! I’ll just grab the cushions and toss them in the garage – then put them back out when I feel like sitting outside again. LOL But thanks for the idea! I’ll use trash bags to over winter the cushions in my garage.

    1. Thanks Dale! Thanks for stopping by Everyday Edits! laura

    2. I think the idea is to put the plastic bags around the insert and then put the covers over them for the whole season, or forever.

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