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Sharing a hack to fix sagging couch cushions- it’s like Botox for cushions. I added a video to answer previous questions. Scroll all the way down for the video. 

I have a couch cushion hack today that does not involve batting. If the thought of measuring or wrestling with heavy batting sends you into a sweat this tip is for you!


For most homes, the couch anchors the room. So you can see where sagging couch cushions easily make the space look tired and disheveled.

And, no amount of strategically placed throws or throw pillows  can hide the sag.


And, then there’s the elephant in the room- who wants to sit in the middle of the couch- you know where you sink 6″ below your seatmates.  It’s like sitting at the kid’s table at Thanksgiving.

It’s awkward and no one wants to sit in the center of the couch.


Over time, sagging couch cushions need a little life. It’s kind of like Botox-there’s only so much sag the toxin can lift. And, then you need to move to a filler- something to plump up the slump.

My hack does not use batting, but rather something you likely have in your linen closet.


Pillows! Pillows are the easiest solution to a sagging couch cushion.

  • contained
  • come in different levels of firminicity (firmness).
  • budget-friendly
  • new sewing required
  • rectangtular shape

I ordered these Made in the USA pillows this spring when I shared how to clean down pillows.

I have a few listed on my Everyday Edits Amazon store. 


Well, I had an idea and I tested it out on my couches.

My couch has foam cushions inserted into the couch. Essentially, this is an oversized pillow for a couch.


I thought it was going to be a sweat session to add pillows to the insert. I used a clean low density pillow.

The sofa covers are designed to fit snug so keep that in mind. Less (fluff) is best.

I was surprised at how little wrangling I had to do to get this pillow into the back of the couch pillow cover.

It immediately plumped up the back cushion. The best part no lumps or bumps. The pillow straightened the slouch.

This is an easy-peasy hack with no batting or lumps. The best part is no one noticed. Which in our house is the best compliment. The minute my husband starts fidgeting with the pillows (or anything) I know he is on to me and one of my hacks or projects.

So that really is my litmus test for any project. Subtle but solves a problem.


I posted this on Hometalk and readers had a ton of great questions so I made a video to show you how it works. You can find it here on my Youtube Channel. I would love it if you subscribed too! The earlier videos are worth the free signup. :0)

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  1. Great idea Laura, thanks!

  2. Any suggestions for couch seat cushions

    1. Hi Cheryl, I will send you an email. Thank you! laura

      1. I’d like to know also!

  3. Be careful with those ‘pillows’- not noticing the ‘slouch’ in the cushion, one can sit down and end up toppling off the side when there isn’t enough support under the side of the cushion= Dr. office call; x-rays; possible surgery; hospital bill………………….it might be cheaper to just buy a new couch.

  4. Best way to.clean off white sofa seats

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