how-to-decorate-the-house-for spring-everyday-edits



when the yard looks like a mullet

Ironically, I have a holiday poinsettia in my kitchen. I placed it on the window ledge, facing the snow-covered backyard so it can look out the window and dream of a white Christmas for next year. The poinsettia is team mullet.

when the yard looks like a mullet

Here are a few ways to decorate for spring when one side of your yard looks like a mullet… I mean winter.

Somewhere between last July and February, I fell in love with gingham. I love to wear gingham, but I was a little hesitant to go gingham style on my house. Winter will turn anyone.

when the yard looks like a mullet

With a 2nd snow day, I caved and ordered gingham cloth napkins from Amazon. I just Googled gingham and three days later I had a set of gingham cloth napkins.

when the yard looks like a mullet

I first introduced gingham into the house with a roll of ribbon. It was a low-cost purchase. The boxwood loved it!

how-to-decorate-the-house-for spring-everyday-edits

I purchased this little plant (does anyone know what type of plant it is?) for a seller’s kitchen during the holidays. She didn’t want another plant to take care of so I brought it home for the holidays. It’s still here!

how-to-decorate-the-house-for spring-everyday-edits

It was time to switch out some of my pillows. I found this Cheers pillow from Pottery Barn in Salt Lake City when my boys played in a sectional tennis tournament. 

The pillow cover was perfect for the month of January, but by March it was ready for spring

how-to-decorate-the-house-for spring-everyday-edits

I hold off on a spring wreath because we get some hair-whipping

winds in the spring. Nobody needs to see me chasing a wreath with velcro curlers in my hair. I love to decorate the back of my front door for this reason. 

Mother Nature appears to have her eyes on Colorado this weekend to give us a little more snow. Of course, we always need the moisture so maybe I’ll add a Christmas wreath to the back door.  Well,

I guess I don’t have to worry about this phobia just yet.  Have a great weekend! What plans do you have for the weekend?


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  1. This is so awesome Laura! I love your style and the way you think. And my yard as a mullet? LOL!

  2. Your house is lovely. I believe your plant is a kalanchoe.

  3. Love the check and all the blue. The plant is kalanchoe — I have one, too. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen

  4. lovely post! don’t quote me but I think it might be a stargazer hydrangea. I don’t want to disagree with the kalanchoe verdict but the stargazer is the first thing that popped to mind. Either way it’s a lovely flowering plant! Enjoy & lovely visiting you for the first time. xo0 maryjo

    1. Hi MaryJo! Thanks for stopping by and the plant name! Happy Friday laura

  5. Thanks for sharing these ideas Laura. Yes, I’m into gingham too. It’s a kolanche, but I’m not sure if I spelled it right. Thank you for sharing at Tuesday Turn About.

    1. Thank you Carol! Have a great rest of the week! Laura

  6. Boxwood wreaths and gingham are two of my favorite things. I order 2 gingham chairs for my great room. We should get them late summer. ugh. It takes forever to get furniture these days! Have a wonderful weekend, dear Laura!

  7. I love the pink tulips you’ve been adding around the house. It looks great with the navy paint!

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