This is the time of year, with chilly temps, when I love to watch When Harry Met Sally and clean out closets. Except this year I went off the rails and made the decision to transform our entry coat closet into a more functional and practical storage closet in the entry.


Most homeowners have an entry closet, it’s like a free gift with a home purchase.

We have an entry space off of the garage where all coats and boots gather. With the exception of guests and neighbors, I decided I could use the main-level entry closet for more practical, everyday purposes.

how to transform a coat closet

I loved it and never looked back. Here are the steps and decisions I made to repurpose this valuable storage closet


When posting on Instagram I describe our home as a brownstone in the suburbs. It is wider than a brownstone (that’s the suburbs part) but our home has multiple levels and lots of steps.

Our main level includes the kitchen, family room, living room, study and dining room, and guest bath. The only storage is what is in the kitchen.

There is a flight of stairs to get to a closet

It was only a matter of time until I figured out that no one in the family uses the front door. This coat closet transformation was in the works for years. I just needed a sign. And I got it!

Years ago we added wire shelving from Home Depot, but the wire shelves were not the most reliable to hold up their end of the bargain. In fairness, we loaded those shelves.


But it was the afternoon I found black goo creeping out of the entry closet that set the repurposed entry closet plan was set into motion. It was a paint can that had tipped over in a rush to shove more into the closet between the coats.


  1. Go through your existing coat closet. Are there any reasons why a closet career change will not work? They must be absolutes no namby-pamby excuses.
  2. Empty the entire contents of the closet.
  3. Clean the baseboards, shelves, and flooring.

Our entry closet had a row of wood shelves.

I used the wood shelves with these repurposed boxes to hold bulky and seasonal items.

Things like light bulbs, bulk toilet paper, and paper towels (remember all those stairs) went into those gingham print boxes.

The year before I had splurged on this gift wrap/pantry organizer t.

I loved it, but I made the decision to relocate the organizer to the entry for cleaning supplies and paper towels.

This organizer is my favorite storage system. It holds all of the cleaning products and paper towels. But there are lots of options and price points for closet storage options. I found mine at the Container Store.


We took into consideration the height of the vacuum cleaner and the backup dog food bags. It’s also nice to have a place to stash Amazon orders. I wanted the storage closet to include the everyday essentials/non-essentials in one place.

how to transform a coat closet to a storage, utility closet


And in a few hours, I transformed a coat closet into a storage closet. I love it and we now have a central location for the Costco-size paper towels, my obsession for cleaning products and batteries.

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How to transform a coat closet into a storage closet, how to makeover an entry closet


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  1. Love this Laura! Yes it has been cold here in Denver and the perfect time for some of my organizing projects. Stay warm!

  2. Great tips for a closet transformation! So happy to have you at Tuesday Turn About! Hope to see you each week!

  3. We don’t use our front door and we have a coat closet there that could use some organization. I love the idea of having a place to store Amazon packages, too. Great idea.

  4. Wow, thanks for the idea! I love different things that can simplify our lives. It’s really cool that you found such a solution! Thank you for sharing this and posting this. I have a closet at home that is not particularly convenient for the whole family and everyone complains. But so far we have not found the optimal solution to replace it or modernize the cabinet and this place in the house. It’s very burdensome for me, and I don’t like doing it, but yeah I think that the time has come. I think I need to order some similar design to optimize the place on Amazon or somewhere else.

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