This project to add wall molding to my home office was a game-changer. My Hale Navy walls went from flat to fabulous. Kind of like a good bra!


Somewhere in our house, my husband is cringing with my bra analogy. He is so used to my round-about, sometimes awkward analogies.


Adding wall molding is an afternoon project and one trip to Home Depot or Lowes. Just think, in one afternoon you can change the look and feel of a room with this how-to add wall molding project.


And if that doesn’t want you to measure the walls and head to the Depot just wait for the cost. This project cost around $50 in 1″ molding. It costs less than a family Starbucks drive-thru order.

Sidenote: I am so excited for my three children to be home for Thanksgiving.


Oh, and before we go any further here is a fun read on the spelling of molding. As a Realtor, I avoid the word mold unless we are talking about candy molds. But my spell check insisted I use the contractor spelling. 

How to Add Wall Molding

What is the golden rule in DIY? Measure twice and cut once.

And, if you are like me you measure once and buy extra molding to accommodate mistakes.


Measure the dimensions of the wall from the ceiling to the floor and length of the wall. And, do as I say, not what my sister and I did on this wall.

Decide on a design or layout

Pinterest was a huge help for me to figure out the pattern for the wall. I wanted something that I could add artwork or wallpaper to later.

I decided on a large centered square with two rectangles on opposite sides of the wall.

For the lower 1/3 of the wall,  we created two smaller horizontal rectangles below the large verticle rectangles (same width) and a center box to match the width of the center square. 

Steps to Add Wall Molding 

  1. Begin with the center square (or whatever design you choose)
  2. Cut all the verticals at the same time so they are the same length
  3. Cut all the horizontals at one time. So they are exactly the same. This way you set your measurements up once. for the verticals and horizontals on the miter box. 
  4. Assemble the top center first, then the bottom center (the entire shape) and then the left and right sides. 
  5. Use a nail gun to attach to the wall with finishing nails.
  6. Patch the nail holes, caulk and sand lightly.
  7. Run a small bead of caulk along the edges of the molding to give it a finished look. 
  8. Prime and paint




  1. Power miter box saw
  2. Finish trim nail gun Home Depot 
  3. Level 
  4. Nail filler, caulk and sanding block 

This was an afternoon project with instant results. I plan to add either prints or wallpaper inside the insets. Do you have any ideas? 

This was a similar project on a feature wall.

Both projects gave each room that “wow” factor. 

Have questions? Please leave it in the comments!



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    1. $50.00 I lived with a blank wall for years! I love it!

  1. Moulding gives such a character to a wall! Good DIY project for anyone trying to change the looks without spending a lot.

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