How to Make a Mason Jar Planter

I finally jumped into mason jars and plumbing parts. That’s what happens when you have a Hallmark movie marathon and need a project during the commercials. Until this mason jar planter project, I had never ventured into the plumbing section at Home Depot.
And I am so excited to share how to make a mason jar wall planter. 
It was an empowering experience.

Vertical Mason Jars Supply List

The best part of these vertical mason jars was the supply list. It required just a few parts from the plumbing aisle. And, they were easily identifiable and in clearly marked bins. The only thing you need to decide before you get to the plumbing aisle is what size mason jars you want to use for this vertical wall or herb garden.


  • Mason jars
  • scrap lumber (pine)
  • plumbing clamps
  • and a drill

Scrap Lumber

The scrap lumber is literally the anchor of this project. I had the mason jars and the scrap piece of lumber (the vertical part) on hand. If you don’t have scrap wood check out the big bins in the back of Home Depot in the lumber department. They are marked “cull lumber.”. Which is a fancy word for scraps.  An employee in the lumber department can cut the board to the length you need. 

I used a scrap piece of wood that fit the space next to a kitchen window and around the corner from our Dutch door. My go-to stain Jacobean used in this DIY live edge table and this embroidery hoop craft dressed up the pine board.

I eyeballed the spacing between the mason jars and attached the clamps to the scrap lumber with small screws.
The only power tool needed was a drill to tighten the clamps to the mason jars. I bet a screwdriver would work too!
The trickiest part was when I added the empty mason jars and tightened the clamp before I added the gravel and dirt. I suggest adding the soil or filler before securing the jars to the board.
This was such a fun, easy project. The ideas are limitless. I might add something to my home office. I have filled the glass jars with herbs in the spring. It is a little cramped for herbs, but petunias would look so cute in the summer. It’s a little early here in Colorado for herbs so I used what was in the yard for a pop of green in March and Easter eggs in spring! I add pumpkins in the fall!
And, I love the contrast between the blue curtains in the background.


Thank you for stopping by today! Looking for ways to reuse mason jars? Check out this tip using mason jars! 

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  1. I love this idea! Seems quite simple and creative. Love the effect it had on the room!

    1. hi michele- Do you know I just used mason jars to “jar” some cookies for neighbors? Who knew? It’s a fun, super easy project! laura

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