We never knew a dog app would be such a fun way to stay connected to our kids. With jobs and college, our kids currently live in three different states and time zones.

As our children leave the nest for condo ownerships, apartment rentals and roommates, I wanted a way to stay connected. Remember this story about our Amazon account?

But not come across as a helicopter mom.

In our family, it is finding creative ways to stay in touch with each other.

It turns out an app designed for stay-at-home dogs connected our family in ways that generated texts and phone calls. And lots of laughs.


A dog-watching app for Christmas was the perfect family gift.

We chose the Furbo dog app (the basic not the nanny cam). Furbo is an app-based treat dispenser.

But you can explore a variety of dog owner apps here.

When Santa brought the family the Furbo we never anticipated how much fun we would have with a treat dispenser.

We knew our youngest, Evan, finished his last class when we heard the familiar churning of the motor mid-day.

Our daughter showed her co-workers real-time images of her four-legged siblings.

On a side note, Chloe and Elliott won her office’s dog Halloween costume contest.

And yes that was snow on the ground for Halloween.

The Furbo basic includes a speaker so the kids can talk directly to Chloe or Elliott.

It is not pitch perfect, but it is fun to hear the kids trying to get their attention.

How a dog app connected our family


We set up a master account. This allows each each family memberto operate the the treat and view the camera.

  • The camera lets the kids check in at random times of the day.
  • The camera can be placed near any electrical outlet
  • Flip top to add treats as needed.
  • It is not a nanny cam, but the camera allows us to get a visual of our two Berners.

Elliott now sits in front of the Furbo. Sometimes I text to the kids to send them a little love

How a dog app connected our family

With a mom of three in three states, I always smile with the ping of the treat release. Even the kid who decided to “Furbo a treat” at 2 am. I heard that one too.

! If you are looking for a family Christmas gift you can check out the Furbo pricing here.


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