If my daughter is reading this she is likely rolling her eyes because, like here auntie Tricia- she, loves hair products. And why mess with the shampoo conditioner sequence of hair washing?

Curious about the history of shampoo? You can thank a guy named Hans and read the details at the end of this post.

Apparently, reversing the order of your shampoo-rinse and conditioner-rinse habit is a thing. How do know? It was trending on my Yahoo News Feed last fall. But unlike most trends, I decided to try this hair washing in reverse idea.

The last hair trend I tried was when I begged my mom to let me get a perm.


I refer to Yahoo as my go-to source for news which drives my only BIL (brother-in-law) crazy!

What is reverse hair washing? For me, and my fine, wavy hair, it was a hair-changing experience.


Do you know when there is road construction and the traffic patterns are rerouted to the opposite side of the street? Are you like me where I have to talk to myself to “stay left, stay left” to retrain my brain before I take out an orange cone?

Well, flipping the order of shampoo followed by the conditioner routine is a similar feeling. Except, you won’t accidentally hit the orange and white construction barrels. You may have to start over, but no fender bender involved.


Remember my example of telling yourself to stay in the left lane even though last week it was considered the right lane?


Well sticking with the traffic pattern analogy just remember to condition your hair first. A

  • Add your regular amount of conditioner to your hair and scalp. Rinse.


Grab the shampoo bottle. Resist the instinct to grab the conditioner bottle ) for this reverse hair wash tutorial.


Shampoo and then rinse.

This concludes the reverse hair-washing routine.

Sometimes I had to start over because I started with shampoo instead of conditioner.


The first week of this reverse hair routine reversal left my hair feeling dry and unsettled. But after a week my hair felt less out of sorts. And, I noticed my hair was not feeling oily by the end of the day. Which was huge.

Since then I rediscovered my curling wand and even brought out the hot rollers to add a little wave to my hair. I have not tried skipping a hair wash day, but I might!

What do you think? What are your hair routines? Oh and here’s that article on the history of shampoo!

Here is my new favorite blow dryer. My son bought it followed by me, my sister and sister-in-law. We love it! It lis lightweight and small.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this concept!! I only wash my hair every week or so. ..that’s my routine. haha! Your daughter looks so much like you!

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