I discovered Gin thanks to the actor Ryan Reynolds. In my head, I like to think my bottle of Aviation Gin helped Ryan achieve billionaire status. I also would love to be in one of his Gin commercials if they ever host an open call for women over 50 who are not aging without a fight! But until that happens I will enjoy a London Lemonade during the dog days of summer.

If you are not familiar with Aviation Gin brand you may enjoy his 60-second videos posted to Youtube. Here is one of my favorite videos Ryan made with his mom to share a Mother’s Day punch recipe. Maybe enjoy his videos while drinking a London Lemonade.

Until recently, Vodka, club soda, and lime were my go-to summer drink. In the winter, I added a splash of cranberry. And then I took a sip of my husband’s gin and tonic at this restaurant and the lemon was a refreshing take on the popular lime wedge.

Except I do not love tonic. So a quick search landed me on a London Lemonade recipe.


The best part is this gin and lemonade recipe only has three ingredients. And you do not need to go the back aisles of a liquor store to the bottom shelf behind the Creme de Menthe liquors to find the ingredients.


  • Gin
  • Lemonade (I use the Minute Maid Zero Sugar Lemonade)
  • Lemon wheel (which I always called a wedge).
  • Sprig of mint (optional)

I like carbonated sparkling water to top off my drinks. I quit this habit with the help of carbonated water. Now, I add it to cocktails and cut the sweetness (and calories). Before you go I would love it if you followed me on Pinterest or pin this image for others to find (or do both). Cheers!


This drink can easily be a non-alcoholic option with lemonade, a lemon wheel, and a sprig of mint. I tend to dilute my alcoholic drinks with bubbly (carbonated) flavored water.

If you want to try new cocktails check out the website My Bartender.

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