I have a house full of family rolling in for Christmas! We are so excited to have them and to use the three bedrooms on our upper level.

You know the spare bedrooms that now store Christmas trees, wreaths and pillows behind these doors.

So after I moved the trophies and I wanted to share a few guest room ideas. These tips include easy and thrifty ideas.


I know some guests would prefer to be in their homes or with their friends or family for the holidays. Knowing this, I always want to add a few extra touches to the guest room(s).



I decided a few years ago that life is too short not to have seasonal bedding.

I know, I know.

It is a splurge, but there is something special about making others feel special.

Christmas sheets or throws are fun, unexpected details for guests.

A less expensive idea is to add a plaid pillow or Christmas throw in the room.

One of my readers recommended these blankets to me (on sale too). So in hindsight, I could have used a blanket to accomplish the same goal for less money.

But I do smile when I haul out the Christmas bedding the week before Thanksgiving.



A cheap and cute wall art idea is to wrap an existing photo or canvas with wrapping paper. Yes, my daughter is rolling her eyes right about now, but holiday gift wrap adds a pop of Christmas and it is temporary.

This is our daughter’s room which is the most popular guest room because of the en-suite, remodeled bathroom.

I used a roll of wrapping paper and blue painter’s tape to secure the gift wrap to the back of the canvas.


The width of the wrap was about 3″ longer than the canvas so I just left it and hung the canvas with the excess paper on the opposite end of the nail hook.

It gave a little more coverage over the blank wall.


Since my adulting children were little they insisted on small Christmas trees in their room.

With shorter visits, I added these mini trees I found at Target last year.

I added them to the windowsills in the guest rooms (and bathrooms).


They look so pretty in the morning light and late afternoon sunsets.

Michael’s has these small trees for under $5.00.

I found these at Hobby Lobby last year and love them!


My kids loved to fall asleep to this classic. I have this song on my “dog walks” Spotify playlist.

Again, if I had learned to play this song I may have stuck with the piano (a reference to last week’s post on the Weekend Edit.


I add a bench to the guest room and stack it with extra pillows and throws.. Our guest room (daughter’s previous room) is freezing so we include an oscillating heater just in case. I found a similar one at Kohls.


I keep toothbrushes and essentials in the guest bathroom. I learned this when my kids had friends stay over on Friday and didn’t leave until Sunday morning. I also added a travel-size hair dryer. Oh, and I always make sure there is plenty of toilet paper.

What do you include in your guest room? Do you add any holiday decor to the guest room? Please share in the comments or email me here. Thank you for stopping by today and I love all of your comments and suggestions!

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  1. Ella fitzgerald says:

    We have three single adult sons that come home for Christmas each room gets a small, decorated Christmas tree with ornaments they made in school, I put a basket of their favorite candy out along with a few framed photos they haven’t seen in a long time to make them smile and say welcome home.

    1. Hi Ella,
      I love this idea of framed photos in the guest room! What a great idea. Thank you for sharing! xo laura in Colorado

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