Garage Sale Wreath Makeover

Here’s a post before my rebrand. With redirects and pins, I have had to repost a few favorite projects. This garage sale wreath makeover is a seasonal favorite and cost me under $5.00.

Garage Sale Wreath Makeover Before

Because it was one of my original posts, I don’t have the before photos but imagine a really dusty, cobwebbed, and feather-filled wreath that I picked up for $1.00 at a garage sale.

The wreath’s smell did not hit me until I had it in my car. I would have passed on this wreath if I had detected the damp, familiar basement smell.

I am so happy I did not sniff the wreath and I am thrilled I had the windows down on the drive home!

But, I am telling you finding this tired, worn-out wreath was destiny. Dusty destiny, but destiny.

What I loved about this wreath, sitting on the driveway, was the size of the grapevine and its potential.

Makeover Details

  • removed the picks that were broken or beyond the makeover
  • placed the wreath outside to air out
  • sprayed the wreath with vinegar & water. repeat. repeat.

Because this was a garage sale find I stayed with the thrifty budget and used the miscellaneous leaves that fall off the garland. You know the leaves and pinecones and sticks that fall to the bottom of the box or storage tub? I just grabbed a few of those and fresh pinecones and either glued or tucked them into the wreath.


It was an instant makeover. I paid $3.00 for the wreath.

The size of the wreath takes up the width of the front door which I love. My motto: go big or go home.


With garage sale season in full gear, take a second look at those dingy wreaths, crafts and accessories.



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  1. Awesome job. I love upcycling, dusty, faded decor like this, too. I will often swish a wreathe, basket, or faux flowers through warm soapy dishwater to remove the dust, trim some of the frayed leaves/flowers add a bit more fullness with more flowers, pine cones, and a new bow, etc. Whole new look! I dry it in the sunshine. With the price of craft supplies sky rocketing, it only makes sense to do this! Spraying the wreathe/flowers with a clear spray also helps brighten it up and protects it if is directly exposed to the weather This year I made more grapevine/ivy wreathes when I did yardwork. Win-win!

    1. Love the yard work finds! Thanks for stopping by Kathy! laura

  2. Kathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home} says:

    Congrats, Laura I’ll be featuring you at tomorrow’s Vintage Charm Party #154! Hope to see you there! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  3. Naomi Shelton says:

    Great idea, great job! I love the idea of refreshing something like you did with this wreath. It saves so much money which I also love!

  4. Great upcycle job, it’s wonderful, seeing the potential is a wonderful ability! thanks for linking up with the party!

  5. You just reminded me I need to update my autumn wreath

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