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Garage Entry Door Makeover in an Hour

It’s the week of Thanksgiving. I should focus on mashed potatoes, fresh linens and a vacuum to reign in the dog hair. But that’s not what happened yesterday. In between a quick inventory of the Christmas trees and hauling out bags of clothes to drop off at Goodwill, I painted the garage entry door. That’s right in less than an hour I had a garage entry door makeover. Welcome home…

You know when you reach that point where you have to drop everything because something bugs you so much? Like a mosquito bite; that you can’t reach to scratch? Well, my garage entry door was that mosquito; except it was door and days before Thanksgiving.


This was the door a few years ago before it got a quick update with a coat of black paint and new hardware. But over the years the door got banged up with tennis bags and a 93 pound Bernese Mountain dog covered in mud.

She may also be the reason the updated door hardware tilts.


I switched things up with a couple quick coats of  Chelsea Gray. The same paint I used to paint our living room hutch. There is an Instagram account just for Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea Gray.


In our house, the entry door from the garage is the most popular door. The only one who visits the front door is the UPS or Fed Ex guy. So it only made sense that my family members have a door with fresh paint.

In less than an hour, I had a garage entry door makeover. And I added a little something to welcome my family home.


It turns out the crazy, packed schedule is the deadline I needed to haul out a paint tarp. The time spent painted rolled by quickly with thoughts of all three of my children home for a few days. #fullhouse

I plan to make these as these breakfast rolls in the days before Thanksgiving.

Hello there!

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  1. I so need to do this. We do live parallel lives! Our garage door gets the most action too. I have loved my black painted doors and I even have the hello decal on my front door!! Enjoy your 3 babies at home. I’ll be missing one of mine for sure!!!

    1. I know I already asked, but can’t remember (ha) when does baby girl get home? Thank you!
      My daughter and I just did one of those craft and wine places (Upstairs Circus) and then grabbed sushi! Happy Thanksgiving Heather! laura

  2. I love the door and you just inspired me to paint mine. Not before Thanksgiving- but definitely before Christmas! Love it Laura and I especially enjoy your energy!

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