The characteristics of ferns make them great for indoor and outdoor decor.

Fossil records suggest modern-day ferns date back 145 million years and I killed Fran in less than 145 hours. Fran is the fern.

A few years ago I bought a huge fern at a yard sale. I know right? What a great idea to sell houseplants you no longer need,want or won’t survive in a moving truck across I70.

I came home with a fern that resembled a muppet and named her Fran.

I placed my huge, lush green plant on the front deck, gave her a generous pour of water, and forgot about her.

Literally. I forgot about Fran.

Fran sat on the deck in the 90-degree temps under the Colorado summer sun.

I killed Fran in less than 145 hours.

I don’t want to go into specifics, but the guilt lingers. So I decided to add ferns and plants to my home in honor of Fran.

I would say I currently maintain a B average with my plant goals (not counting my tomatoes in 2020).

That was an unfortunate soil erosion issue and too much shade.

I overcompensated for Fran.


Over the past few years, I discovered the secret powers of plants. I mean not like beaming into-the-future kind of powers, but subtle things that happen when you introduce plants into your home and your life. You kinda become friends. Plants are like dogs you can talk to and water them, but no barking in the middle of the night or pre-dawn bathroom breaks (the dog not me).

Any guesses about my go-to house plant?

Fun facts about ferns and plants


  • Add a pop of color to a room
  • Ferns look pretty in all the seasons
  • Don’t take up much space
  • Great for people who live in condos, tiny spaces, or rentals
  • They transport easily from room to room.
  • Plants are great listeners
  • Research suggests plants can clear the pollutants in the air and maybe in our own minds
  • Plants have a calming effect when you take care of them


Did you know ferns are the national emblem of New Zealand?

Neither did I.

The national emblem is on their passports, the New Zealand airline, and on the All Blacks rugby team. You can catch up on random fun fern facts on their own wiki page.

A few years ago one of my sellers gave me a few of her houseplants. It was the middle of January so I kept them indoors and I was shocked at how well she grew sitting tableside in front of a window.

I brought this geranium (I think this is a geranium) inside for the winter and she loved being indoors for the holidays.

I added a little of my favorite decor staple too.

Ferns have their own wiki page too! Please pin if you have a Pinterest page.

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