this free online workout site helps to mix up workout routines and ruts

Right about now we keep (or break) our new year’s resolutions. Raise your hand if getting in shape, working out or some resolution to tighten the jiggle is on your list. Even our dogs have weight loss goals this time of year. But today is about a free online workout that I found a few years ago.

I ran my first 1/2 marathon (in my 40’s) with my brother. We had so much fun training until he had a complete meltdown the day before the race.  Like the supportive sister, I ignored ALL of his calls and texts. I just stuck to our plan to pick him up at 5:30 the next morning.

My strategy worked! He was ready to go and when we got to the starting area we felt good. Until we saw a small group warming up with a jog and we looked at each other and  simultaneously we said, “show-offs.”

It broke the rising anxiety among us. Here we are minutes before we were in our corral.


We did not run together, because one of us had trained a little harder. And she may have underplayed her training so as not to freak out her younger brother.



And, then after two years of running and adding a second 1/2 marathon and a few 10k’s and 5 k’s, my body started to break down. It was beyond shin splints and plantar fasciitis.

And I had to find another way to work out that did not involve a bike or a treadmill. I was miserable. I ate too much I sat on the couch to “ice.” And, complained to everyone in my family.

And, then on a random Tuesday in January, I Googled “Kelly Ripa’s trainer” and her trainer had posted this free arm workout video on a free, online site called PopSugar.

And, that was my first introduction to PopSugar fitness videos.

I loved the variety of workouts and instructors. My friends were all joining boutique fitness clubs and I thought I could be done with my workout in my travel time to work out “with friends and strangers.” And I don’t have to wear a  matching outfit.


I made my boys and husband do the arm workout by AKT which my husband renamed the a$$ kicking trainer.

That arm workout is still in my rotation and on my Pinterest Board.


In the beginning, I started with ten-minute workouts like this one .

After a week I added a second ten-minute workout. I added my favorite stretching/cool down workout. I bought a new workout tank and a pair of light weights like these.

Now, a few years later I am back to light running and more walking. And, I still use PopSugar for stretching, pilates and arm workouts. I start most Mondays with this ab workout to get my core fired up.

These days, I pay more attention to form and often take the intensity down a notch.

What are your fitness goals for 2023? After the Covid-Diet I am ready to get back on track! Care to join me? Let’s go!


My favorite workouts are pinned to this board. If you have trouble navigating the site email me at laura@everydayedits.co

Some of their newer content is under a subscription, but they add free content under “fitness videos” almost weekly.

Here’s my running playlist for hills to pin to your new fitness board. ;0)


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  1. Hi Laura! I just found you from your comment on A Stroll Thru Life. Yes, I’m looking for workouts. Not going back to the gym at this point. My gym stopped Zooming my favorite class three months ago and nothing has happened since then. Thanks again for this info!

  2. I follow them on bloglovin and when I see a workout that looks good I bookmark it!

  3. Laura,
    Thanks so much for posting this!! I do some arm exercises with weights but they are my own personal routine…I also walk whenever I can for exercise and walk our Grand Pups most mornings…In the last 6 months of 2022, I lost 36 pounds…I would like to lost another 20 in the first 6 months of this year…I do feel MUCH better and have more energy!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! I appreciate it!!

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