Good morning friends! Our week started off with one of our boys calling us with news. Usually, our son prefaces his phone calls with, “Mom, funny story.” This conversation started with a nervous cadence that all parents recognize.

I will not share what thoughts ran through my mind in those first fourteen seconds. But I was relieved the problem was solved over the phone and did not require an attorney or a hard money loan.


I just finished Kelly Ripa’s book, Live Wire -Long Winded Short Stories. I have a love-hate relationship with this celebrity. I don’t know if my friends even know who she is, but I knew her back on All My Children- my soap opera phase after college. I did not write the nicest review on Amazon. In hindsight, I should have finished the book before the review. And I would tell Kathie Lee Gifford to do the same.

If you do not know what I am talking about scroll down to the projects below. Or read my about page.

My favorite chapter was the one about her youngest son. I will leave it at that, but it is why I can put the self-centered, long-winded stories aside because her relationships with her adulting kids mirror mine. At the end of the book, she shared her most recent cosmetic surgery. And it may explain why my Chrome browser has a litany of ads on my home screen for that same above-the-collar bone procedure.

Simmer down! I do not have the funds or downtime.. this year. And now,


last minute Halloween decor


  1. This quilted side button is a favorite sweater.
  2. I love this scarf for the holidays.
  3. Sleeves plaid bow-ruffle top
  4. I got my eyes on these slippers.
  5. My friend Michelle found this ten pack of Swedish dishtowels (reusable and replaces paper towels).

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  1. Hi Laura,
    I loved Erma Bombeck. Her column was in the LA Times when my late-husband and I were first married (and subscribed to a newspaper). Her sense of humor always had me laughing aloud. I use Dawn for a lot of tough cleaning things, especially those that need a good degreaser.
    I’m with you, there’s no place like home this time of year. I will go to Austin in early December to celebrate Christmas with my oldest son and his family. But I’ll be home for Christmas with my California family during the actual Christmas dates. Will all the college kids be home for Christmas?
    Karen B.

  2. How wonderful to be able to attend this writer’s workshop, Laura! I’ve heard of both authors and I’m sure they will share fabulous writing tips. I do hope you get to see your son before returning home.
    e Combres & Toltec scenic train a
    We’ve traveled less than usual this summer and fall but that was OK. We had a lot of other things keeping us busy. We’re glad we were able to drive down to Southern Colorado to see the Sand Dunes National Park again and get in some hikes and then ride the very scenic Cumbres & Toltec train to see the pretty fall foliage in the San Juan Mountains. We always try to see a different area of Colorado during the brief fall season.

    Safe travels back home!

  3. noreen castellano says:

    Hmmm. I know that if you are in Dayton, and have not seen Evan…there is no hope that I could drive down and meet you there. ;). One of these times, before he graduates, we will get together in Dayton!! Have a great time at the workshop!

  4. OK … I am not a big fan of Kelly Ripa. I used to be until she decided to call in sick when Michael Strahan quit. I’m not a fan of his either. It was childish behavior that allowed us to see the real Kelly Ripa. Thanks for letting me get that off my flat chest. I have been festering those feelings forever because no one asked me my thoughts on the subject! I feel 10 lbs lighter!! Have a great week, dear Laura.

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