With the new year comes goals and promises. For me, my goal (every year ) is to get organized. Usually, closets are the first thing on my list to organize in January. This is a favorite closet clean up project. So this year I am going in a different direction with a goal to organize my  files and paper trails. My goal is to eleminate folders of receipts and immunization forms dating back to the first run of Friends. Today I want to share my favorite tech hack to stay  is an app on my phone.




TurboScan eliminateded the adrenaline rush when I got calls like this one,  “Mom, I need a copy of my immunization forms or I can’t try out for the tennis team. ”

Or, texts like this one, “Do you have a copy of the furnace receipt from last spring?”

My “favorite” call was from my son (my righty) to tell me I forgot to sign his field trip permission slip. And, he will be the only child who can’t get on the bus unless that permission slip was received in the next 12 minutes.

The reason I no longer panic is because of TurboScan.  This app changed my life.

TurboScan to the Rescue

Turbo Scan is an app (I use the free version) that allows me to photograph (scan) paper documents with my phone.

TurboScan App


You might be wondering, “Can’t I just take a photo?”

Here is how it works! Details

TurboScan changed my personal and work life. It’s a free app in the Apple app store. The official name is TurboScan™ Pro – document & receipt scanner By Piksoft Inc. There might be a paid version, but the free app works for my needs.

It takes a scan (photo) of a document, permission form.. anything. It creates a border around the image to make sure you capture what you need. And, even when the image looks gray or grainy it almost always captures a clear image.

Turbo Scan allows me to save documents directly to my Dropbox (another favorite) and/or email a copy in a pdf format to my email or to the recipient. It keeps a copy of any scanned documents too, but I always save a copy to my Dropbox account. I’m just a bit of a control freak.

My husband first shared this app with me a few years ago. And, I use it almost every day.

And, if you are just a smidge like me, your desk (my command center) begins to look like this as the new year approaches.

  • Take a photo inside the app. It takes 3 photos.
  • Next the app prompts if you want to email or save as pdf.
  • I always save as a pdf & send to my email. This allows for a seamless file share for work or personal use.
  • The document is also stores a copy inside the app until you delete it.
  • This is a nice backup (or plan B as I am all about a Plan B). #realtor life.

I regularly use this app for home repair receipts, vaccination updates.

Oh and the best part is when someone needs me to fax somthing (rarely these days) but it still happens. Now I just ask for an email and send it as an attached pdf. It’s a clean copy with no blurry images.


I just pile up the paper until January rolls around to get organized.

Clear the clutter by snapping a photo of the paper, document. It’s more professional because it saves it as a pdf for clients, the front office or service providers. The one suggestion I have with this app is to turn off the overhead light above the document or receipt. The light can add a shadow to the document.

Please pin!

After a week using this app, I ditched my fax/scanner (donated to one of my son’s teachers). TurboScan is the best iPhone app for the new year. Let me know if you download it and what you think? Do you have a favorite app to stay organized? Please share in the comments.

Here is another hack for Sunday.

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