It has been almost a year since we remodeled our kitchen. This time last year we returned from dropping our son off at college. We packed the contents of the kitchen and moved everything to the pool table to the basement. My coffee station was in the bathroom and the toaster was on a ping pong table. What a difference a year makes. Very excited to share a little fall kitchen decor ideas with you. And, if you only have an hour… then let’s roll!



And, now this year? I am so excited to share my fall kitchen decor ideas. These are easy and affordable ideas. I made a commitment this year to invest in pumpkins. I love real pumpkins, but by the end of September, the squirrels have had a buffet on my front porch. And, the bears.


Sink Space

If you have a corner kitchen sink you have valuable real estate around the faucet. I snagged a few stems from Hobby Lobby and used this hack to add some height around the sink.


Counters & Ledges

There is no such thing as too many pumpkins this time of year. I plan to add a few extra pumpkins to the windows to make them their own little corner pumpkin patch.

If you have a small window above your sink plop a pumpkin on the windows sill.

Instant smiles.


Quiet Corners

I love these glass pumpkins. Yes, these white pumpkins are glass. I painted them a few years ago and never looked back.

Glass makes me nervous so I tucked this into a quiet corner next to the pantry.

It’s not as busy so the pumpkins should be safe.



Kitchen Island or Mobile Cart

No matter how big or small your kitchen, islands, or a mobile “island” cart takes center stage in the kitchen.

I go back and forth with really tall arrangements and shorter ones. Right now  I have something that is smaller to take advantage of the views into the backyard.

Add a Pumpkin

The simplicity and cost of a pumpkin is the easiest thing to do to celebrate the season.

Last year on a trip to Minnesota to visit our son at college we made a stop to leave pumpkins at their rental house.


Add a wreath to the interior side of a back door. I shared this post on how to dress up the backside of the front door.

Why should the squirrels and bears get the benefit of the wreath on the outside of the door?

Bring the wreath inside! This HomeGoods find added some attention and pop of color to our Dutch door.


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If you want some fall decor for the season here is a little eye candy.

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  1. I’m FALL-ing in love with all your fall decor! I really like the glass pumpkins you painted white, especially with the grey kitchen. They would also look good with navy blue!
    I want that Pottery Barn mirror that you have and is linked above. Even with that fifteen percent off coupon, mama can’t afford that! One can dream….
    I’m going to have to try that cupcake recipe. I thought it was going to have marshmellos on it (gross), but who doesn’t love buttercream frosting?!
    Thanks for the great ideas, Laura!

  2. Love the idea of faux stems in the kitchen adding some height … I’m marching straight into my kitchen to give it a try. I brought home a haul of real pumpkins today and we’ll see how they fare at our new house. Deer aren’t able to get into front yard, but our dogs nemesis, Mr. Squirrel, sure can! Great idea to decorate the inside of the Dutch door … I’m going to try that as well. Wonderful inspiration! xo

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