My youngest son called from school and said he might move home because of a spider. Yes, apparently there was a Wolf spider in his bedding. So I googled it and found too many details.  He had a plan: either sleep on the couch until the first freeze or move back home. That last sentence tells you how much he fears this little creature.

Neither was an option since we were paying rent for his basement bedroom (with egress). #realtormom

Thankfully, one of his roommate’s moms was in town and she helped Evan vacuum the entire area, washed his sheets, and purchased bug spray. Evan’s reaction to a spider was similar to my sideyard phobia.

Apparently, there was a hole in the wall which gave the spider safe passage to a rental house filled with empty pizza boxes and Gatorade. #wink

The hole in the wall is now covered with duct tape. ;0)

Taking suggestions on the spider invasion.

If you missed last week’s Weekend Edit you can read the empty nest status update here. 

In other news in the Weekend Edit

  1. I finished nine seasons of Suits.
  2. What are you watching? I need a good dramedy or historical fiction movie.
  3. I found these tips on how to clean this laundry staple.
  4.  Here’s a great list for the best gold spray paint.
  5. Tips for a small space party (think city apartments or condos).

9. I might make this for our first chilly Sunday evening.

10. Where do you find olive baskets like this one?

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  1. Occasionally I see olive buckets at hobby lobby. I got mine online at Decor Steals when available.

    1. Me too Cheryl!But I have not seem them in a while!

  2. Joyce L. Ferguson says:

    Hi Laura, love your posts…all of them!!!…the spider post, not so much…ekk!!! I hate spiders too!!! Hope your son gets that situation resolved quickly.
    Anyways, regarding the Olive bucket check out Pottery Barn’s website as the had them on cllearance-just like your picture-for about 40 bucks during the summer. I purchased one, this summer-also like your picture- at Home Goods, same price, but I’m sure they are gone! Have a wonderful (Labor Day) weekend!
    Blessings, Joyce

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