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Spring is a great time for mini-makeovers. I set my eyes on our entry because it was looking a little tired after the holidays and winter solstice. The best part is with a little planning and a small budget you can complete these entryway makeover ideas in a weekend.

With both my husband and I working from home there is more traffic thru the front door than when we had all the kids home.

When the entryway began to look like an Amazon drop site I needed to reclam the entry space.



The first thing I did was clean the baseboards and the interior side of the front door. I keep a stash of cleaning supplies in my repurposed entry closet.

Recently I shared this garment steamer hack. A garment-size steamer is much easier to use and is a great way to clean the grime off doors and baseboards. And it is much cheaper than a commercial-grade home steamer.

paint the baseboards for a weekendhome maintenance project


Years ago I painted our yellow, oak-stained front door and never looked back. But it was time to repaint the interior side of the door with a fresh coat of pure white paint.

The fresh paint brightened the room and it took maybe an hour to paint the interior side.


I knew I wanted a new rug and found this wool grey, and white patterned rug at Homegoods. It was reasonably priced and the colors were perfect for my house.

Tip: To keep the rug nice I keep a bath towel in the closet and lay it over the wool rug when rain or snow is in the forecast.


I love extra light in the entry, especially in the winter months. I grabbed a couple of small lamps at Target for under $15.00


On a whim, I relocated this dresser from our bedroom to the entryway. This repurposed dresser now stores batteries, lightbulbs, candles, and small tools.

I love it in the entry!


We all add wreaths to the front of the door for the neighbors to see, but what about the interior side of the front door for us?

I try to align the two wreaths. I think it makes the entry feel more like a room than a breezeway.



Okay, so many of us add bells around our houses and doors at Christmas. Tell me I am not the only one who does this. It drives my family nuts because of the jingle jangle, but I love it.

Just hear those sleigh bells ringing…

Etsy is a fun resource for decorative bells. I found a dozen bells and spray-painted a couple to match the door hardware.

My previous paint job was a little sloppy around the hardware. So I cleaned it up with an artist’s paintbrush and little black paint. I explained here why I did not remove the front door from the hinges when I painted it.

n hindsight, I should have removed the lock.


I relocated the fern to the entryway. I used my favorite garage sale find as a planter! The fern adds a pop of color without overwhelming the entryway!

These entry updates are flexible during the seasons and holidays. For under $75 dollars I have a brighter, cleaner entryway for all of those Amazon and Chewy boxes.

Thank you for stopping by and if you have an easy entryway idea please share in the comments. I would love it if you pinned this image for others to find or follow me on Pinterest.

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    1. Yay! I love it. It drives my family crazy at times, but these days just about anything can drive one of us crazy! laura

  1. Great ideas Laura. I decorate the inside of our doors with wreaths, totes with flowers and/or tassels on the knobs. I think bells would be fun but I might go crazy like your family with those. 🙂

    1. Thank you Cindy. The good news no one is ringing the doorbell so the door only opens for a Chewy or Amazon delivery!

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