Hello, this entry closet hack is a career change for a closet. Closets are essentially oversized cabinets? And for me, a perfect Sunday includes a Nora Ephron movie and uninterrupted time to organize my kitchen cabinets and closets..

So it was only a matter of time before I would decide to create an entry closet hack.

If you follow Everyday Edits on Instagram you know I love to hashtag #brownstoneinthesuburbs.

Our home has four flights of stairs and an entry closet that never sees coats because everyone, except our friends and parents, enters our house through our garage entry door.

You can see Chloe in front of our entry door.


The coats ended up in the built-in benches next to the entryway off the garage. This is where Chloe and Elliott like to wait for someone to come home.

It sounds complicated but this entry closet hack is anything but complicated. It was essentially a career change for a twenty-year-old closet that wanted a new purpose after storing out-of-season coats and mismatched gloves.


My obsession with cleaning products like this new favorite was looking to upsize from their tiny under-the-sink cabinet storage.



1. Clear out everything in the closet. Everything.

2. It goes without saying, but if my boys were in charge of cleaning out the closet they would skip the step that says sweep + mop the closet floor.

3. I added these boxes to my closet and took inventory of what I stored in the entry closet. Spend a few minutes at the must-haves you want in the closet.

entry-closet-hack4. I made easy-peasy labels with a vintage software program. Do any of you remember Microsoft Word?

I used clear packing tape to adhere the labels to the front of the boxes.

We are not solving chemistry problems here at Everyday Edits. 

5. I saved the top shelf for all my collection of tiered trays. Tiered trays take up valuable cabinet space so I store them here. I know: #firstworldprobs

Sidenote: I love this tiered tray hot cocoa bar.

5.1  This is my favorite closet organizer from the Container Store and this storage unit has been on the backs of several doors in our house.

coat-closet-to-storage-closetShe has stored wrapping paper, crafts and she found her forever purpose with paper towels and cleaning products. Here is a cheaper option at Walmart.


You guys I am so in love with my closet hack! I keep things in one spot so there is no more running around looking for the stash of paper towels or lightbulbs.

Oh, wait, one more thing. If you are thinking of selling your home this closet hack is a great place to start!

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  1. This turned out so nice and streamlined. Love the way you covered and labeled the boxes!

  2. Looks lovely, so pretty and organized. Great job on the coverings and labels. Your fur babies are adorable.

  3. Look at you! Serious case of closet envy here. Those repurposed boxes are adorable too. 🙌🏻 #closetgoals

    1. Thank you Ginger! Those Bath & Body boxes are why I order soap and candles every quarter!
      xo laura

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