Give me a thumbs up if you have dogs. If so this water bowl hack is for you!

Do you know that feeling when you have your keys in one hand and mail in the other and you pass by the water bowls? 

And then you see the water level is nearly empty. For a split second, you think there is enough water. But in less than a second you shrug your shoulders, put your bag and to-go beverage down and grab the water bowl.

And then after filling the water bowl, you walk back across the kitchen floor or patio. Walking as if on a tightrope and hoping the water does not wobble and spill onto the floor.

Here is a dog water bowl hack for your furry friends on those busy days.

I thought of this hack when I bought a plastic beverage dispenser at Kroger for under $8.00. I planned to use it for freshly brewed tea for the summer.

Sidenote: the seasonal aisle at Kroger has great deals after the most recent holiday

But those plans were derailed when I discovered the bargain dispenser was too big for the refrigerator.


Like just about every problem-solving solution, this tip works best with a routine.

  • fill the beverage container with fresh water on Sunday evenings. Remember: this water tip is for the, “I am running out the door” manic mornings.
  • I just add ice and water.Now it’s just a little beverage bar for Chloe and Elliott.And the best part was the beverage dispenser included a spigot that fits on top of their dog dish tray.

I also hauled out our Igloo cooler and placed it in the garage entry for the days we are outside and the dogs are in and out with us.

And if your dogs need a new dog bowl here is a cute elevated dog dish.


This under-eight-dollar beverage dispenser was perfect as perfect for Chloe and Elliott and the dog days of summer.

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Looking for a yummy dog treat to pair with the beverage bar? Try these homemade dog treats.  This Made in USA dog bone cookie cutter will set you back a few dollars and will make your dog treats too cute!


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  1. Cindy Brooks says:

    Not sure I understand this hack. Have your dogs learned how to get water out of the dispenser to fill there own bowl??? Thanks!

    1. Yes, the owner needs to push the dispense button. I have mine outside in the shade. I add water and ice cubes the morning and no longer spray my patio with water (wasteful in Colorado). I’ll add those details! Thank you! Have a great week!

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