Baby, it’s cold outside and this time of year my doors are bored. The Christmas wreaths are packed away and now we wait for spring. So I decided to have a little fun and made a DIY pink winter wreath for our Dutch door. I thought about painting the door pink for Valentine’s Day just to see my husband’s reaction. But decided to save the paint when the weather is warmer.

I kept a snow-covered wreath for January and February but decided it would be fun to practice my wire ribbon skills on a wreath. The wreath is easier to practice on and I won’t have a 7″ tree in our living room in February.

One of my 2022 goals is to learn how to make wire bows. This lady is helping me with the basics.

DIY pink winter wreath for Valentines Day


I grabbed the snow-covered wreath and hauled out a roll of pink wired ribbon I got on clearance last summer at Hobby Lobby.

Tip: Practice making bows with inexpensive wired ribbons until you have a few basics. I watched this youtube video 55 times until I mastered the basic bow.


  • wreath
  • scissors
  • wired ribbon
  • chenille stems

The snow-covered wreath is the base and with the pine branches, there are plenty of nooks and crannies for this petite ribbon bow.


  1. The size of the bow is based on the length of the ribbon. For these petite and basic bows, my ribbon length was about 6″. Like my baking measurements, I just eyeballed the length.

2. Next, fold each end into the middle of the ribbon with one side overlapping slightly.

how to make a DIY pink winter wreath

3. Cut enough of the chenille stem to wrap it around the ribbon where the sides meet.

diy pink winter wreath with wired bows for January and February

4. Gently open the ends of the bow to fluff it out and give it t some shape.

The fun part is to tuck the baby bows into the wreath’s branches and pinecones. I just added bows where the wreath needed a pop of color.

DIY pink winter wreath for January and February.

Some of my bows had longer chenille stems which made it easier to attach to the branches, but most of them I just tucked into the branches.

winter wreath with pink bows wit wired ribbon, Valentine's Day wreath

That’s it, you guys! It is so easy and you can add different bows with fun prints. Adding bows to a wreath was a fun way for me to practice adding bows to decor. It’s small enough that if I mess up it’s easy to start over in a few minutes.

pink winter wreath for January and February , wired bows, bows

The pink bows add a bit of color for the winter. and the pink ribbon adds a bit of color for the winter. And my Dutch door loves the splash of color in the middle of winter.

simple DIY pink winter wreath for Valentine's Day

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  1. That pink sure adds a pop of color to the dreary winter days!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I love it! What a cute wreath and ribbon is darling. I could have used that lady in November when I purchased a bow maker and millions of $s of ribbon. I got so frustrated I threw the bowmaker in the trash and hid the ribbon. I then paid more $$ to have the bows made. If the Mister knew, they would be doing a story about us on 48 Hrs and titling it Woman Found In Bush Wrapped in Ribbon. Husband claiming death caused by natural causes.

  3. Very pretty Laura. Love the pink! A beautiful wreath to embrace Winter. I am happy to feature your lovely pink wreath at Love Your Creativity on Sunday. Happy weekend.

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