I did not inherit the crafty gene. My sister took all of it and upstaged me with our painted Christmas village over our college winter breaks. Her painted side of the Christmas town looked like it belonged in a Hallmark commercial. Whereas, my side of the street looked like a scene from A Christmas Story. The only thing missing was the lamp!

But over the past year, as my nest emptied,  decided maybe I had a hidden crafty side.

I just needed to find it.

.  And then a serendipity invitation showed up in my inbox.


Photowall reached out to me to share my experience with their DIY canvas frame kit.

With hundreds of canvas options, I  narrowed my search until I landed on the floral canvas prints.



And between clicks and searches on Photowall’s website, I found the one.

It was the perfect print for my home office.

CANVAS TULIP WALL PRINT With navy walls and freshly stained floors, this was the perfect canvas print with pinks and greens. I found the one in a matter of minutes.

And you will too.

And then …

While waiting four days for my tulip DIY canvas frame kit to ship from Sweden I started to panic. What if I screw this up? What if I break the frame or ruin the canvas while trying to assemble it?

So when it arrived, with a mix of emotions and a wee bit of fear,  I removed the contents from the narrow shipping box and perked up.

Could something so pretty really be this simple?

I shared a short video on my Youtube Channel to introduce this fun DIY craft in a box.



  • canvas print of your choosing
  • unassembled frame with adhesive tape
  • 4 brackets to reinforce the corners
  • the most practical screws ever for an assembled framed canvas
  • mounting wall bracket

The kit includes a simple instruction list that does not require a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering to assemble the frame to the canvas.

Even the supers-sized screws with ribbed edges made it easy. There was absolutely no hardware, scissors or glue needed.


My only suggestion for this DIY canvas print is to use a large flat surface to lay your canvas print (print side facing down) flat.

I removed all of the contents and made sure the four frame sections were aligned on the canvas correctly. And then it’s just a peel and stick step where the canvas adheres to each frame. Where the corners magically align.

I love it. The first thing I want to do is order one for my daughter and my sister for their birthdays. This would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift.

I am going to have a Photowall canvas print party this summer where everyone pre-orders their canvas and we have a little girls’ craft night.



Disclosure: Photowall provided me with a canvas framed print of my choice. 

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  1. That turned out great. I like your idea for a crafty get together!

  2. This looks like a fun project! I love those tulips against your baby wall.

  3. This is beautiful! I’ve never heard of Photowall, but I’m going to have to check them out for some artwork for my home!

    1. HI Jen, If you check them out make sure to use everydayedits25 for the discount.
      My girlfriend just ordered one with her own images. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Laura- this is super pretty!! That’s so cool how the kit comes. I agree, would be fun for a girl’s night project!!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Any excuse for a girls night (especially now).

  5. A GF craft night sounds wonderful and beautiful prints to take home makes it perfect!

    1. I got the idea when I attended another DIY party. We each brought our supplies and assembled together!
      Thanks for stopping by Libbie!

  6. What a cool idea and the print you chose is amazing. Have a party to assemble with friends is genius.

  7. Absolutely love the canvas! Looks so fun to put together. That is such a great idea for a girls night!

  8. Shelli Michael says:

    That is beautiful and looks easy to do. Great job! I love photo canvas!

  9. Laura, this project looks like so much fun!! It would be a great way to gather friends and family for a night out for crafting! I’m sure you are loving the print in your office!

    1. Yes I am going to host a girls night later this spring! THankyou Cindy!

  10. Such a cool canvas. Love it!!!!

  11. Laura- Love what you picked. The colors are so vibrant and look great against your wall. I’m redoing my office and love this idea. Also great job on explaining how easy to assemble.

  12. That looks truly stunning. I love the contrast of the blue and pink. <3

  13. That is stunning! I am off to check out their offerings. I am so impressed.

  14. Oh my gosh, the tulips against the blue wall … I’m in love. I haven’t heard of Photowall, but will click over to find out more! xo

  15. Laura, your tulip print looks striking against the dark wall. I also worked with Photowall and was so impressed with the quality and selection of their artwork. I love your idea to host a girl’s craft night! That will be so much fun!

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