Hello! I love this season, filled with parties (finally), food and a little drinky-drinky with a pigs in a blanket appetizer.

WIth parties returning to the calendar it is a good strategy to pace oneself.

Today I want to share a Cranberry Rosemary mocktail recipe for this holiday season.

This is the season to welcome cranberries into our refrigerators and freezers.

November is a month filled with this heart healthy, tart berry.This summer I made this peach recipe. I decided to add an alcohol free drink with my favorite low calorie lemonade.

The pink and green is a softer shade for the Christmas season.


Cranberry Rosemary Mocktail

Cranberries hold the distinction of a multi-purpose berry. Like pumpkins, cranberries work in both the decor and recipes.

If you are looking for a cranberry recipe try my favorite holiday side dish.

Cranberry Rosemary Mocktail

For the season, I decided to share a cranberry and rosemary mocktail.

But if you are wondering, it works well with Titos too!

Cranberry and rosemary Drink

Since kicking this habit I love bubbly water. It’s the bubbles that make drinks look fancy.

Let’s go!

Cranberry and Rosemary Mocktail


  • Sparkling water
  • Pink Lemonade (or the obvious Cranberry juice)
  • Fresh or frozen Ocean Spray (or any other brand) Cranberries
  • Rosemary sprigs
  • ice
  • Vodka (if you want to add alcohol)


Add ice, Cranberries, and a sprig of Rosemary.

Top it off with a splash of your favorite bubbly (fizzy) water.

I had so much fun creating this no alcohol, low calorie drink.

Some of you or maybe most of you would choose Cranberry juice. Which sounds like the obvious choice. I like the Minute Maid no sugar lemonade for a lighter tasting drink! Either way the colors look pretty for the holiday season!

With the pink and green theme, this drink would pair well with a pink and green theme Christmas tree.

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  1. I had something similar last Christmas. This looks so tasty!! I haven’t seen that lemonade (but I don’t shop for it so that could be why). I just got some tart cherry juice from TJ’s and that would probably be good in it as well!

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