Which Christmas tree team did you join? Are you in favor of Christmas trees in a box or Christmas trees that need fresh water every day? I stay Christmas tree neutral with a mix of real and artificial trees. Over the years we have flip-flopped on the tree debate, but in the last decade, we have committed to at least one Colorado Christmas Tree tradition. 

Our Christmas tree tradition does not involve any manual labor. We do not  chop down trees, like the families on the front of the REI or the LL Bean catalogs. No my family prefers to drive beyond the city limits to a family-owned tree farm in search of a Colorado Christmas tree. Oaklands Ranch celebrates their 150 year old ranch this year! 

It is a favorite family tradition following Thanksgiving. Colorado-Christmas-tree-tradition-everyday-edits


Every year, the day after Thanksgviing we make the trek (drive) to the Christmas tree farm. Is there anything better than the sweet scent of fresh cut trees? I love it so much I always buy a few bundles of boughs to add to just about every room in the house.


The trees are hauled in from the Rocky Mountains on a pickup truck and flatbed. The cut trees lean next to and inside the family barn. Barn might be a stretch; I think it’s a detached garage with a concrete floor.

Let’s just say it’s the closest thing to a barn for this suburban girl. 

I snapped a photo of this red Ford pickup truck on their property. This photo might explain my obsession with the trendy red pick up truck images on my pillows and dish towels.


With our Colorado Christmas tree strapped to the top of the car, we always stop for a greasy breakfast. We talk about what we want to do during the holidays and coordinate schedules  as our kids now navigate work and academic  schedules. 

It’s a family tradition that includes Christmas music, cramped seating (we usually have two trees and boughs of holly). And, together we haul the trees into the house and configure the tree in a corner with the least amount of sunshine during the day. In Colorado, it’s not uncommon to have temps in the mid to high sixties.

And, with the lights on and the sun esetting over the mountains, it is a reminder to take a moment and take it all in during the season. 

And, to keep your freshly cut tree from drying out check out this article. 


I hope you have a Merry Christmas! Be kind!

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  1. I have both. We still cut down our real tree but I put up 6 other faux trees. I’m not sure how long we’ll keep the real tree tradition as it’s only been the hubs and me the last few years and real trees are a lot of work!!

  2. What a great family tradition! Beautiful and creative photography too! Happy holidays. XO

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