My blog is a form of a dear diary series. I confide and I share. Occasionally, I share what drives me crazy or what I found to binge on Netflix or Hulu. 

 Somedays I may talk about my kids and our soon to be empty nest.

It is okay to talk about my kids, because they dont read my blog. (But their friends do)! #wink

Our Bernese mountain dogs, Chloe & Elliott are often in the background of my videos & stories. 

My motto is to embrace the mistakes because the  DIY mistakes or recipe fails make for better stories. Our homes are a reflection of our lives. So let’s give each other grace and create more joy! 


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Approachable, light, honest, sometimes sassy, thoughtful. Colorado active lifestyle. Big dog family.Obsessed with repurposing packing materials, plastic bowls and clean jars! 

 My readers love garage sales, budgets, DIY, one-hour projects, upcycling ideas, pets, holidays and seasons.

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