I love trays because they are the quiet workhorse in a room. My Christmas-tiered tray is a fun way to add a bit of Christmas to my kitchen table. Stacked trays are great for small kitchens or apartment living where space is limited.

Tiered trays free up the space on valuable counter space.

I love a tiered tray because it provides valuable vertical space without taking up an entire kitchen, coffee or end table. It’s the condo of tiered trays versus the ranch model for traditional trays. It’s the Realtor in me. #realtorlife

Trays are great because you can move it without rearranging a room or pulling a muscle. It is the perfect size for my kitchen table.

A few years ago I found this tiered tray and I use it for every season. You can see my summer tray here.


Now comes the fun part to decorate the tray. It’s like decorating a Barbie Dream House.I kept my tiered tray decor budget-friendly. For my tray. I try to use what I have in my house! This time of year garland and ornaments fill the tray! I added small strands of berries to add a pop of color against the white tray.

I found the garland at Trader Joe’s while in line to check out on a busy Friday evening. The woman in front of me had a strand of fresh garland that had just been unloaded off the truck. Score!


I shared how I used the garland on my dining room table on Instagram last week (would love a follow-I follow back as long as you are not a bot).

The metallic ornaments add a bit of sparkle to the kitchen this time of year.

The tray is light enough to move for dinner or games during the holidays! I love the simplicity of this tray. It catches everyone’s attention whe they walk into my kitchen!

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  1. Laura thank you for your friendship and your kind words. Your tray is festive and traditional and I love the greenery at the base. Thank you for participating in the tour my friend xo

    1. it should have read, your tray is so festive and a bit traditionally, the words were in my brain but my fingers were confused, LOL xo

      1. Great Job Katherine! I think you landed on something big with this tour!

  2. So pretty Laura! I chuckled at your description of your tray as the condo version of tiered trays 🙂 The sparkling ornaments look wonderful with the red garland, beautiful!

    1. Thank you Jenna. It’s a Realtor thing! Ha! laura

  3. Laura, I love the way your tray is festive and layered in with a crisp design. The ornaments shine and the berry wreath from Trader Joe’s makes a perfect topping.

    I have a wood-stained tiered tray and was thinking about painting it white. I love the painted look of yours, so I’m going to go in that direction.
    Merry Christsmas 🙂

    1. Thank you Rachelle for your comments! This was a fun tour! laura

  4. Your tray looks so bright, festive and perfectly Christmas Laura. I still don’t have a tray because I have no place to keep it! Your fun tray is telling me to get rid of some crap and get a tray. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

    1. Cindy you crack me up! Thank you fo stopping by today! laura

  5. Laura, your sweet, simple tiered tray is absolutely beautiful. It’s simplicity and elegance at its best. I absolutely love it. So excited to see how each person check this challenge. Thank you so much for dropping by with your kind comment. Merry Christmas time. ❤️

  6. What a sweet little tray!! Total eye candy! Pinned also. Wishing you a wonderful holiday this Christmas and always, Your friend, Linda @Crafts a la mode

  7. I love decorating simple and your tray is so simple and pretty just like the way I like it.

  8. You’ve created a lovely, eye-catching tray! I imagine it’s wonderful walking into your kitchen and finding it there. Sparkle and texture can’t be beat!

  9. Christmas on a tray! What fun! When I saw this photo on Instagram I was in love … so simple yet so elegant. Why didn’t I think of this? Well, that’s why I have friends like you! Merry Christmas! xo

  10. This is very simple and elegant! I love it…glad to be part of this blog tour!

  11. so pretty and fun, I love the red/white/ and green. perfect traditional way to say Christmas. Love the idea of a Condo! Have a wonderful Christmas week.

    1. Thank you Debra! I was so happy to see you were a part of the tour! laura in Colorado

  12. Laura, Your simple tiered tray is actually quite elegant. I love those metallic ornaments, they look like classic vintage ornaments. The red berry garland is just the right colorful addition and contrast to your crisp white tray. I am sure you love glimpsing it there on your table! Wishing you a blessed Christmas!

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