Hi there and welcome to welcome to the Christmas holidays tour and inspiration. Carol, who blogs at Blue Sky at Home, invited a group of decor bloggers to share a few ideas for Christmas.

Carol and I met at the Haven Conference two years ago. Her energy is contagious. So when Carol invited me to join the group I jumped right into the holiday with a few tips and secrets for an easy Christmas entry table.

If you are stopping by from Michelle’s and her Advent calendar.


When decorating for the holidays chose a spot (s) that get traffic. What is the point of creating a holiday display if it is in a corner in a low-traffic location?

I decided to put my energy into our entry. Everyone has to pass the foyer’s entry to get in or out of our house.

We have this repurposed dresser on one side of the entry and a window and console table on the opposite side of the entry.

  • There is a ton of natural light in our entry which makes it the perfect spot for a Christmas entrance.



I love to create a look and duplicate it every year. It is simple and foolproof. But over time, we can get into a rut.

When I bought this long needle garland from this Kentucky-based floral shop I knew it would be perfect for this neutral, bright space. Tip: Sign up for their emails for sale announcements.

On the first pass, I added one strand of this beautiful garland. But after stepping back I thought the entry table needed more garland.

The extra layer of long, plush needle pine garland added more color and texture to a chilly part of the house.

I ordered these bells from my favorite home decor store in Knoxville.

I am obsessed with bells and try to find a way to use them year-round.


My sister is a pro at adding height and texture to her tables and charcuterie boards.

On my first try, I didn’t realize the straight line of the pinecones and bells until I took this photo. Even though I added texture and color – the pinecones and bells were identical in height.

Tip: Take a photo if you want to step up your displays or mantels. The camera (or iPhone) is your decor best friend!


In the earlier version of this entry, I added too many types of greenery, small trees and berries. It’s like the contents of my storage bins landed on the table.

It was such a distraction from the garland. So I removed the clutter and added a second strand of garland.

The green popped against the Revere Pewter walls and warmed this chilly space.

I love it! I finally stepped out of my decor habits and took a few chances on more garland. Now, it is welcome to Christmas when you pass the entry.

Let me know what you think in the comments! Please stop by Tammy’s for her adorable gift tags.

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  1. Laura, I love the steps to achieve a beautifully decorated entry table. It looks so warm and inviting when you walk through your front door. Revere Pewter is one of my all time favorite neutrals. I had it in my previous home. My new home needs to be painted! I have the builder grade on the walls. eek! I love your decorating tips.

  2. Laura, the simple greenery is just perfect on the table! I love your jingle bells! They’re so fun!

  3. Laura, you are so smart! You are so right. Looking through the camera gives you a bird’s eye view of the scenery. Love your entry decor. The garland is perfect. Thanks do much for sharing it and your tips on the Celebrate the Holiday blog hop.

    1. YOu are a delight Carol! So happy to know you! xo laura

  4. Laura – Love the way your table turned out. I’m jealous of your entry way, we don’t have one 🙁
    I’m crushing on that pine garland, it is beautiful. I also love your suggestion of taking a picture after you set out your decor. I find doing that with lots of things, really helps me, especially when staging a house. You see things in pictures that don’t jump out in person. Thanks for the tips!

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