how to make a Christmas door swag from tree clippings in a few minutes and a video 

The only person who may have trouble making this Christmas door swag is Charlie Brown. I think his Christmas tree would be short on tree clippings. But if he lived near a nursery, tree farm or tree lot Charlie Brown could make a cute Christmas door swag for the front door of Snoopy’s dog house …in a few minutes.

Seriously, once you gather your supplies (see below) this is a quick craft.

If you have visited Everyday Edits you know I am not a crafter. However,  after making this 3-minute ornament on my youtube channel  I kind of got the craft bug.

I think that video is in the running for the fewest view in 2020-2021.


The supply list is as short as the time it takes to make this holiday door swag. And, your entry will smell like fresh pine.


  • fresh boughs of pine branches
  • bells or other ornamental swag
  • wire or ties or ribbon (in a pinch you could use a bread tie)
  • bows or ribbons

It’s all about the base …

The boughs, branches, or even artificial leftover garland work for the base layer. I always snag a few pounds of pine clippings from our Christmas tree farm. Not our tree farm, but the one we go to for our Christmas tree.


Followed by the bells. I found this bell swag from Homegoods before Thanksgiving. It was from Martha Stewart’s holiday line.

I am obsessed with bells.

The bells came with a burlap bow so I threaded the bells over the branches and tied them together with a wired jute cord from the Dollar Store.


By the way, I love this stuff. I am new to the Dollar Store fan club, but this stuff has brought out my inner crafty side.

I added a red bow that was my first attempt to make a bow.

And, then I fluffed it up and ta-da!


You guys it is prettier than my entry and front door combined.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Z75gRe9nBI[/embedyt]

I added Santa next to the door.

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Thank you. Oh and that bell obsession I mentioned? Here is what I did with bells earlier this season.

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