He everyone! Sharing an idea for the entry. This Christmas crate for the entry works for teeny tiny entries and foyers that can fit a Volkswagen in the middle of the space.   Christmas-crate-for-the-entry



I found inspiration from Jennifer Grace House Interiors. I love her entry table and her Christmas crate.

And on a total aside- I love her stairs in the background.

What better way to welcome the holidays than in our entryways?

I love to welcome Christmas in our entryway.

If you don’t have a crate you could Mod Podge an Amazon box! Or, grab a basket!

We are limited only by our imaginations!


Elements for Christmas Crate:

  1. Crate, basket, or tray
  2. Christmas trees
  3. Garland Sprigs
  4. Berries for that pop of color!

For this month’s challenge, our limits were only in the size of our crate or basket.


I started with my favorite crate from a popular, boutique grocery market. Tony’s Market in Denver. I have owned this crate for over a decade when I hosted an annual mother-daughter ornament exchange. And to think this wood crate was once filled with chicken fingers!

I started with the crate and some small potted trees I found at Hobby Lobby. It added some much-needed color to our entry bench.


I followed this with a strand of garland and berry garland to add a pop of color to the wood crate.


I love the simplicity of the crate and at the same time, it just adds an instant pop of Christmas to the entry.

Did you see what I snuck into the crate? I added a little votive like these to turn on when friends, family members, or our dogs come through the front door.

Christmas crate

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  1. Your version is so pretty, Laura, and it looks fabulous in your entryway. I love that the crate has special meaning to you since you used it for a mother-daughter ornament exchange. Enjoy your pretty display this holiday season!

  2. Laura,
    I loved the box you chose for this challenge. Beautiful job. So happy to be doing this challenge with you.

  3. I have an old crate. Maybe I’ll try this! Yours looks fabulous!

  4. What a lovely Christmas crate, Laura! Gotta love HL mini Christmas trees! Your vignette is perfect on your rustic bench, and I love that we got to see the whole vignette! Pinned!

  5. Such a pretty way to greet the new season! I’m sure your dogs will love the votive;) The plaid blanket totally pops everything!

  6. Laura, I LOVE all the rustic vibes of your “Christmas in a Crate”. So simple, yet such an impact!

    I had such fun participating this month with you all in the Pinterest Challenge! Looking forward to next time! 🙂
    Niky & The House on Silverado

  7. I love that you added a little votive for the dogs! LOL. They must feel so special. You crate turned out wonderfully and your guests or family members will enjoy the warm welcome. Thank you for joining in. Great job! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. You’ve done a beautiful job with your Christmas crate, Laura! No, I wouldn’t have guessed what the crate held before. It’s so perfect for your whole vignette, and I love how whimsical it all looks. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. This is so pretty! I love the trees and your box and I am totally swooning over the addition of that plaid blanket!

  10. Laura, what a cool crate. I love that you left it natural with the store logo. The blanket adds color and pattern. The trees add a soft texture it all comes together beautifully. Happy Holidays!!

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