This milk can makeover works with planters or large baskets or buckets too!

I am so ready for spring which means the Denver metro area will have blizzard conditions in April. But until that happens I am excited to share this simple spring milk can idea. What’s that? You don’t have a milk can? Well this idea works just as well with a porch planter or basket.

Raise your hand if you are a milk can enthusiast. My parents had one years ago and I had zero interest. And now? I love my milk can. The options are endless and my personal challenge is to mix it up every season.


spring milk can idea

I bought this milk can years ago at a garage sale. You must see the original to appreciate the love for this metal can in our home (or maybe just to me).

Sidenote: This was one of my first blog posts.

milk can before

Milk cans are such a fun score if you are lucky enough to find one at a garage sale or Goodwill.

I found mine at a garage sale for less than a small latte. The endorphins are real when you hit a garage sale.

So this year I wanted to freshen up my metal milk can with something cheery for spring.

And simple. Well, it doesn’t get any easier than this milk can.


Here is the milk can after the holidays last year. It was assigned the task of displaying plants and my thriving fern.

I decided to move the milk can out of the kitchen- to mix it up a bit.

how to decorate a milk can for spring with these easy idea!

I moved the can three feet from the kitchen corner to the family room under one of our windows.

And the fern loved the upgrade to the fireplace hearth.

I was spring-cleaning the family room and had a sizable haul of stuff that needed to be sorted and relocated within my house.
Well in a random move, I placed a wreath on top of the milk can. That’s my super simple spring milk can. Seriously, I am a serendipity home blogger.

And that is when makeover magic happened.

The key to seasonal tweaks for anything, not just milk cans, is to have a few go-to accessories or decor staples.

And beautiful things happened when I added a five-year-old Homegoods wreath.


You might have noticed I love a little grapevine. One of my favorite tips to beef up a wreath is to add grapevine.

how to decorate a milk can for spring!

Yep, I keep at least one strand of grapevine for my go-to decor staple. I bought mine online because I found a two for one.

Some people like to monogram anything ( I do love a monogram) but I will add grapevine to my nativity scene to give it a boost.


That’s it! I love this spring milk can makeover. It is fresh and looks amazing in front of the Hale Navy wall.

how to decorate a metal milk can for spring

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