Goodwill, like Nebraska, is not for everyone.

But, every once in a while I need a quick loop at our nearest Goodwill center. Ironically a haul TO Goodwill usually means a quick detour inside for my quarterly Goodwill fix.

After donating a ton of accessories I was on the lookout for planters. Instead, I found this mustard Goodwill vase. It was destined for a a makeover.


As soon as the familiar automatic double doors opened onto the main floor of the Castle Rock Goodwill I saw this ceramic vase. It was just feet from the entry doors. And it was heavy so I had to take a Goodwill leap of faith and leave it there while I ran towards the back to look for planters in May.

I totally struck out on the planters so I headed back to the front, not to look too eage,r to grab the vase with greenery stems.

Before and After Goodwill Vase

The vase was priced just under $20 and I knew the stems alone were worth the ticket price.

The sunflower yellow vase was not my color, but I knew a coat of my go-to creamy white would transform the vase.

When I went to grab the vase and head to the line I had miscalculated the weight of the vase. It was like grabbing my middle son when he was a toddler while in the middle of a full-on meltdown in front of the Icee machine at Target.

It was going to take a giant bear hug, around the vase, to get the vase and the 32″ stems to the checkout counter.

My arm started to go numb holding my Goodwill find while the only checker patiently searched a customer’s items for the price tags.

That’s how much I wanted this vase- I sacrificed the feeling in my right arm to get to the checkout counter.

Once I paid I grabbed the vase and counted the steps until I got to the back of my car.

Goodwill Vase Before and After

Mission accomplished.


If you are not a Goodwill fan I got you covered. This is my new fav site for florals, greenery and garland. The stems in this vase reminded me of these greenery stems from House by JD.


One of my first blog posts was this garage sale find and here is another favorite find from Goodwill.

So over the years, I have created a system for prepping my Goodwill finds before I haul them into the house.

I also have a sensitivity to anything that smells like it was in a basement cellar circa 1940.

. I love these Made in USA spray bottles that I keep on hand to dilute cleaning supplies).

  • Leave item(s) on the front porch to air out
  • Spray with a gentle flow of water to remove any loose debris
  • I use either a hose or a spray bottle to get rid of debris.
  • Spritz vinegar on surfaces and corners
  • Finish with a generous spray of Lysol (my go-to for Goodwill or garage sale finds).
  • Repeat

With a clean vase and stems, I hauled it in and gave it a couple of coats of my go-to creamy white paint-Mascarpone by Benjamin Moore.

Before and After Goodwill Vase

I pretty much use this warm shade of white for all of my accessories and a few furniture pieces like this hutch in my home office.

That’s all I did! I left the original scroll detail work and may paint it later.

Before and After Goodwill Vase

I love this vase with it’s 32″ greenery stems. For now, it is on a console table, but I have plans to move it to the other side of our family room.

I would love it if you pinned this to your Pinterest boards! Or, if you have a Goodwill/garage sale Pinterest board I would love a pin!

Thank you for stopping by today!

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  1. This is a great find and upcycle Laura! I’m excited to tell you that this post will be featured in this week’s Tuesday Turn About Link Party and will be pinned to our TTA Pinterest Board! Thanks for linking up and I hope to see you at the party this week!

    1. Thank you Cindy! I just emailed you too! laura in Colorado

  2. Hi Laura! I love your story about Goodwill…I used to be a Goodwill shopper but not so much anymore since they have raised their prices astronomically high!! BUT that vase was a score! It looks beautiful…you did an amazing job at cleaning it up!

    1. Thank you Rachel. Yes I noticed some of the prices are rising kinda like the housing market, but let’s see if we start to see price reductions! ha! #realtorlife
      laura in colorado

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