I spent ten glorious minutes swiveling while I waited for a pot of water to boil. Swivel chairs are like swings for grownups. I swiveled to the left and then I swiveled to the right.

When I got the the delivery notification that our two swivel chairs were en route (aka credit card charged) my husband and I could not remember what the swivel chairs looked like?

Were they leather? Did we choose gray or blue fabric? We knew they swiveled and that’s all we remember from our year-end purchase at Pottery Barn on a Friday night.

LIving the empty nester dream and counting down tuition payments!

All I remember was my husband’s face when the associate gave us our total due FOR the Irving Roll Arm Blue Fabric chairs. They were on sale so I think my husband was thinking that it was basically a two-for-one price special.

The good news with the supply chain slowdown was the chairs were paid for before they shipped (life of small business and start-up owners).

So when these fabric-covered swivel chairs arrived and we placed them in front of our family room windows our family room was complete.

After all these years.

Instantly, the room was brighter and cheerful. The space felt lighter.

I felt the same way when I found these chairs at Homegoods.

My Etsy pillows popped against the blue chairs and even my favorite fern perked up a bit.

Check out our Irving Roll Arm Blue Fabric Swivel Armchairs

Navy and green look so pretty together.

When we remodeled our main floor we rearranged the furniture in the family room so the stone fireplace was the feature. But we were short on chairs because even though we have large couches no one wants to share a couch with two other people over the Thanksgiving weekend.

And now we have two modest size chairs that don’t distract from the views.

After years of late nights rearranging furniture, we finally found the right configuration.

And the chairs just completed the room.

Check out our Irving Roll Arm Blue Fabric Swivel Armchairs

And did I mention they swivel? There is something about a swivel that makes me feel like I am on a playground swing.

And I just want to swivel to the left and then swivel to the right.

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  1. Hi Laura! Love the chairs. The swivel is definitely an added bonus. On my way to Homegoods today. Yay! Have a wonderful week.

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