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I miss Pampered Chef parties! It was the only home party brand where I had a list of things I wanted to order. Recently in a Weekend Edit, I asked all of you for your favorite kitchen gadgets.

The question came up when a friend of my son’s was over and she asked where I kept my cheese grater. Um, cheese grater? I just buy the shredded cheddar.

I learned a zester does not work with a block of cheddar.

You guys sent me your favorite recommendations. And today I want to share a few of your favorite gadgets. Please list your favorites in the comments (or email me). I would love to add to this list.




The Pampered Chef brand came up several times. Did you know you can buy Pampered Chef on their website and Amazon? Just make sure the Amazon description is not a knockoff.

I give the PC mini spatula as hostess gifts for my friends who know the purpose of a preheated oven and room-temperature butter. Here is a 2 pack knockoff on Amazon.

It feels like I am playing the field because I am brand loyal when it comes to kitchen gadgets! You can shop Pampered Chef here and sign up for live cooking shows!


I purchased both the large and small batter mixing bowls with lids. These batter bowls are perfect for chilling cookie dough and to freeze tomato soup. I use them all the time.

I found the eight-cup batter bowl on Amazon.


I forgot about my Pampered Chef chopper until several of you mentioned your go-to kitchen utensil is a chopper. Sadly, I donated mine to Goodwill a few years ago when I was running low on cabinet space! I found this one for under $25.00.

With my goal to add veggies to every meal, this is on my shopping list.


Years ago I bought a Pampered Chef salad dressing mixing gadget. It looked like a plunger with a black top. I must have bought it after my first glass of Chardonnay. Because I either couldn’t find it or forgot I had it when I mixed marinades.

My friend Ginger shared these mini whisks. These make so much more sense and take up very little space.


Guess what I put in the Goodwill box?

Immersion Blender

My husband got me an immersion blender for Christmas. It sat in my drawer for months. It was an intimidating tool where one knee-jerk reaction would result in tomato soup splattered on my cabinets.

For months, I used my Magic Bullet to blend the tomatoes, but that was messy and time-consuming. So I grabbed an apron and gave this blender a whirl.

I love it. And the clean-up is a breeze with soapy water or on the top rack of the dishwasher.


Oh, and here is my favorite tomato soup recipe. It is my go-to recipe when cold weather is in the forecast! Thank you for stopping by today! I would love it if you shared this for others to find!

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  1. Great gadgets ! I also used pre-shredded cheese, but just bought an attachment for my KitchenAid mixer to grate my own. My favorite gadget is a little chopper that is rechargeable that I bought on HSN. It is just the right size for chopping onions …use it all the time!

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