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With an empty nest, I have more time to linger over cookbooks. I love to sit down with a stack of sticky notes and look at the pretty pictures of dinner recipes or desserts. Usually, a quick review of ingredients is how I rank potential recipes to try in the kitchen. Ingredients that I need to Google usually means a pass on the recipe. Today I want to share these cookbook gift ideas for holidays and birthdays.


When we added these custom built-ins with lots of shelves and a fireplace it became the unofficial reading room.

My middle suggested I display my growing cookbooks on the custom bookcases. The newly nicknamed library wall had plenty of shelves and was located steps from the kitchen.

Cookbook Gift Guide on Amazon

I remember we discussed shelves when we remodeled our kitchen, but I think we ruled out a cookbook built-in cabinet shelf in favor of a cabinet designated for dog food.

Today I want to share some of my favorite cookbook finds.

If you are looking for last-minute gifts to have on hand start with this gift idea list.

I found Babs on Tik Tok and then I saw her in the Talbots catalog. She is a 72-year-old grandma who in two years has huge following and great tips for the everyday cook and baker.

Sirously Delicious is a favorite in my kitchen. The ingredient lists are short. Her book is on sale.

Do any of you order the Kindle version of a cookbook? I love my Kindle, but a cookbook is like a magazine where I want to flip and thumb through the pages.

If you like over-the-pond recipes try Stanley Tucci and Patricia Heaton’s cookbooks. Besides both being actors they are also married to Brits! I got a signed copy from Patricia Heaton!

Sidenote: Her everything but the kitchen sink cookies are yummy! Stanley Tucci’s cookbook includes an amazing chicken noodle soup recipe.


What are your favorite cookbooks? Are you a cookbook fan or a Kindle cookbook fan? Please share in the comments or email me here.

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