I spent four days packing up the Christmas decor. Except for my 12-foot Charlie Brown tree I shared on Instagram the other day. A part of me enjoyed our tree more after Christmas than the weeks before. The tree looked so pretty covered in soft white lights. At this point, I was not even thinking about the amazing Christmas clearance finds in the near future.

I just had to clean up the house and make a trip to Goodwill. And then? And then I look to the future for Christmas clearance finds.

Do you get as excited as I do for clearance finds?

I washed all the linens and stored them in these bags. Once the linens are organized I will do this with all of my pillows.


And then I made my first trip to Homegoods to ring in the new year. The lines were long and the shelves were empty. I almost made it to the check-out corral when I spotted a table near the exit with a clearance sign.

It was as if Clarence was ringing a little bell to get my attention. (If I have any youngins reading this Clarence is a reference to the movie It’s a Wonderful Life.

What could it hurt to just do a loop around the small area reserved for the seasonal clearance items? Take a look at my Christmas clearance haul which is really for Christmas 2022. It will be here before you know it.

Christmas clearance finds at Homegoods


Shopping the Christmas clearance section of stores online and in-person is one way that I get through the January blues. I usually start with the fancier stores (online) from my kitchen in my pajamas. Read below for my tip on seasonal pillows. Shhh…

Christmas clearance finds in January

Tip: When Christmas is over I flip the pillow over to the solid red side and ta-da! It works for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and the 4th of July.

No one ever flips the pillow over.

Next up, I snagged these cute square boxes )the ones with the lids). They were $1-2 dollars depending on the size.


For now, I am storing my wired ribbon in these cute boxes with lids.

I snagged one or two boxes of an assortment of red and white glass ornaments. A few of them had red hearts so you may see them in a Valentine’s craft in the near future.


And finally, is there anything such thing as too many Christmas trees? I mean for $5 I had to get this little tree with the burlap-covered base!

Christmas Clearance at Homegoods

Thank you for stopping by today! Where do you shop for holiday clearance stuff?

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  1. You did well!! I was perusing the Christmas clearance at The Christmas Tree Shoppe in Boston…good thing I was traveling and didn’t have a lot of time!

  2. You got some great things!! I used to always shop the after Christmas sales but I have so much now that for the past few years, I have stayed away….Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!! stay safe, healthy and happy!

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