Scroll down to read the handwritten challah bread recipe. 

I posted this Challah bread picture months ago on my Instagram. I am just now getting to posting the recipe! This Challah bread recipe is from my son’s longest girl (friend’s) grandmother. Just listening to Lauren and Evan in the kitchen was worth the time and the carbs.

The bread was that good.


The best part of this Challah bread was I had no part in baking it.

This recipe was for my son’s English assignment. And, Lauren aka “Little Lauren” agreed to make sure Evan got it right.

She brought all the ingredients, the bread machine and her patience. You need to pack your patience when working with my youngest.

Lauren and Evan have known each other since middle school. He got his first (and only) speeding ticket while driving him and Lauren to school. Lauren announced the speeding ticket on her social media with “Good morning Parker police.” I love this girl!

She spent the better part of a Sunday afternoon completing his homework assignment.

Lauren took an amazing, time-lapsed video that my son can not find on his phone (uh hmm).

Do you own a bread machine? Wasn’t it just a few years ago everyone gave themselves a bread machine for the holidays? The question today is, do I need a carb-making appliance in my kitchen?

After “sampling” the Challah bread, I may have to rethink this appliance.

Here is Lauren’s grandmother’s Challah (bread machine) bread recipe!


Instead of using a recipe plugin, I included photos of her beautiful, handwritten recipe.

The best part of this afternoon was listening to these two friends laugh and talk and problem solve a bread machine glitch on a Sunday afternoon in our kitchen.

These are the moments that warm my heart.

Challah bread recipe

And this recipe will warm your belly! Screw the carbs! It was that good! Want to serve it for brunch here is an egg dish that will stay warm and feed a crowd. 

challah bread recipe

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  1. Laura… I haven’t had bread in 4 weeks!! Yours looks so yummy! Have a good weekend!

    1. Hi Katie! That’s awesome! I lasted 3 hours with no carbs!As soon as I can’t have something, it’s all I want! Have a great weekend!

  2. That looks delicious! Pinned.

    1. HI Joanne, It is so good! We inhaled it! The fact that my son and his best friend from childhood spent a Sunday afternoon making it, warms my heart! xo laura in CO

  3. Do you think this could just bake in bread machine?

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Yes, this can bake in a bread machine. The recipe is for a bread machine!

  4. You said separate dough into rolls but when it comes out it a loaf how do you put the rolls to make the loaf?

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