Do you know what I am obsessed with these days? Besides Schitt’s Creek and Dead to Me. Cement. Cement is not fussy. It is low maintenance (just like me). Today I want to share how to make a cement trivet.


I love cement projects. Recently, I had a concrete repair on a listing and I seriously considered asking the crew to fill my stash of plastic molds (recycled food containers) with a shovel of cement. I decided against this idea for multiple reasons.

Instead, I grabbed a bucket of cement from Home Depot and decided to made my own cement trivet.


And then I made a few more. And, then used my cement trivets. My trivets made appearances in my blog posts. They were the backdrop for my fight for matchsticks.

The cement trivets were great to serve these chilled peanut butter and chocolate bites.

The cement trivets’petite size made them perfect for plants and herbs.


There is something so fun and freeing with this medium. Maybe it is because when mixed with water, cement has the consistency of thick pancake batter. It is virtually failproof. Or maybe it’s because it starts to cure within seconds of pouring it into a plastic or metal form.


Once the cement “sets” it is ready to go. There is no sanding, priming or painting needed.

And in our industrial meets farmhouse meets Pottery Barn home cement crosses over so many decor themes and styles.

Supplies To Make Cement Trivet

  1. Plastic forms or metal trays
  2. Tarp (it can be messy)
  3. Non-stick cooking spray
  4. Metal or Wood Spoon to Mix

That’s it! I suggest when planning to make trivets or other items to use multiple plastic trays. This is so much fun! But if you want to see the cutest video on a DIY cement tutorial with Abner.

Thank you for stopping by today. What do you want to make with a bucket of cement mix? Here are a few fun one-hour projects you might enjoy.


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  1. Good morning, Laura. I’ve seen my share of cement these days. The Mr. re-grouted all of our walkways. What about that ending of Dead To Me??? Wowza. Stay healthy!

  2. Love the look of this… Would be fun to make these slightly indented to work as saucers for outdoor plants.
    Have to think more on that idea… Hope your weekend is awesome..

    1. It is so much fun!Thanks for stopping by Carole! laura

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